Peloton Performed a Survey About the Just Work Out Feature

Peloton has conducted a poll with a subset of its users to collect comments and suggestions about the “Just Work Out” function. The Peloton Research Team is currently putting the finishing touches on the questionnaire. Those who take part will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Tango, an international online gift card retailer.

The poll asks participants how often they make use of it, how accurate it is, and what additional features they feel should be included if they had their choice.

Some of the new features include more precise tracking of distance, interaction with Spotify, monitoring of friends’ exercises to ensure their safety, extra statistics, and more. After the survey, two participants who have finished it by the end date of January 23, will each be eligible to win a Tango gift card.

Before it was released to the public in June 2022, the Just Work Out function went through a period of beta testing in the spring. The first version of the program gave participants the ability to earn time as well as distance credit for every outside walk, run, or bike that they completed.

Peloton has since subsequently added a number of fresh features to the aforementioned functionality. They included a variety of new exercises in the program. These include activities such as yoga, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and strength training. Just with Goals was introduced to Peloton at a later time. In addition to that, it enables users to set a specific objective for their workout routine, such as a certain time restriction or a certain distance target. Tread devices now also come with a “Just Walk” option, which was just introduced by the developers.

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