Peloton Announces New Daft Punk Series

Peloton made the exciting announcement that they would be launching a new artist series that will focus on the music of Daft Punk.

On Saturday, December 31st, the Daft Punk Peloton classes will once again be made accessible to riders through encore classes. This week there are no live sessions scheduled, therefore the full series is going to be made available on-demand instead.

The series will consist of activities such as rowing, strength training, rowing, running, and more.

Peloton Announces New Daft Punk Series

Instructor, Olivia Amato‘s run was only included on the calendar for a short time before they took it off. Ben Alldis has also provided hints about this news on several social media platforms.

Since there was no Daft Punk music accessible on the Peloton platform in the past, it was never played on the headphones during any of the lessons. Because this artist series cooperation will bring the music to the platform, you may anticipate hearing songs by Daft Punk being played in Peloton lessons throughout the year 2023.

After completing one of the Daft Punk courses, members will be eligible to get an artist series badge.

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