Limited Edition Frame Graphics & Colors for Peloton Bike Starting This Fall 

This week’s Q4 2023 earnings call brought significant updates. The Tread+ will be open for pre-order during the upcoming holiday season, priced at around $6,000. Peloton also disclosed their financial data for Q4 and FY 2023. 

CEO Barry McCarthy assured the arrival of new limited edition Peloton bike colors and graphics. This confirmation follows Peloton’s earlier hint on social media. In their initial teaser, Peloton showcased three bikes in distinct colors: rose gold, neon yellow, and sky/light blue. 

An updated timeline and a bit more background information have been shared: Fall 2023. Peloton’s investor earnings letter declared: 

“For the past decade, Peloton has been like the Henry Ford of stationary bikes—offering bikes in any color you wanted, as long as it was black. I’m thrilled to unveil a shift in our approach. This quarter, we initiated efforts to introduce a range of limited edition bike frame colors and graphics for both consumer and commercial markets, similar to the recent University of Michigan announcement. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting initiative coming this fall.” 


McCarthy is talking about the recent Peloton announcement regarding their new college plan. They plan to collaborate with universities, colleges, and athletes. The pilot program is starting at the University of Michigan, and Peloton revealed a picture of a Peloton Bike with Michigan branding. Even though the initial press release mentioned it wouldn’t be for sale, recent updates suggest it will be a limited edition release for sale. 

While McCarthy mentioned the upcoming limited edition Peloton bike colors for this fall, it remains uncertain if the initially teased three colors will be the ones launched. We’ll provide information as soon as it’s available. 


McCarthy’s statement hints at the possibility of additional custom bike graphics being developed. The reference to both “the consumer and commercial markets” suggests that Peloton may be creating branded bikes for their Peloton Business clients, including future college partners in line with their “college strategy.” This strategy, announced last week, encompasses Peloton’s Business to Business (B2B) offerings, covering Hospitality, Corporate Wellness, Multi-Family Residential, Education, Healthcare, Gyms, and Community Wellness. 

As updates emerge, we’ll continue to share information about new Peloton Bike colors and graphics. For more details on the latest earnings call, you can refer to our comprehensive overview article.  

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