Is Peloton Bike or Row Better? How to Choose?

When it comes to knee ailments, back issues, and low-impact exercise, a peloton bike is a far better option than rowing. Rowing, in contrast to cycling, which mostly works the lower body, is a full-body exercise that actively uses 86% of the body’s main muscle groups. Rowing may be compared to riding. Rowing and cycling are both great ways to build strength and endurance because of their repetitive motion.

Peloton Bike vs Peloton Row: Design

The Peloton bike has a slick design and a huge touchscreen display, which allows users to use the Peloton app and broadcast lessons or take part in virtual rides.

Other features include: Since the bike itself is changeable, users can tailor their experience to their preferences, taking into account factors such as their height and the way they ride. In addition to this, it offers a range of tools, such as real-time measurements and performance monitoring, that assist users in keeping track of their progression.

On the other hand, the Peloton Row has a design that is similar to the original, in addition to a resistance system that can be adjusted to accommodate users of varying fitness levels. A huge touchscreen display is included, allowing users to use the Peloton app and stream courses or check their performance data. This display is similar to the one seen on the bike. The rower, on the other hand, utilizes your complete body and provides a low-impact, full-body exercise. You won’t only be working out your legs with this machine.

Peloton Bike vs Peloton Row: Workout Options

Both the Peloton Bike and the Peloton Row provide a broad range of class options to select from, such as yoga, rowing, and strength training. Because it concentrates on riding, the Peloton Bike is especially well-suited to high-intensity cardiovascular exercises. Customers get access to thousands of live and on-demand programs, all of which are led by knowledgeable teachers.

On the other hand, The Peloton Row offers a variety of activities, such as stretching and strength training programs in addition to rowing. Since it is possible to exercise the whole body with this piece of equipment, it is a good choice for those who wish to train many different muscle groups at the same time.


The price of the Peloton Bike is much lower than the price of the Peloton Row, which is one of the most significant contrasts between the two.

The base price of the Peloton Bike is around $1,445, while the base price of the Peloton Bike Plus is approximately $2,495. The base price of the Peloton Row is approximately $3,195. Both machines come with a guarantee good for one year, however, customers will be required to pay an additional fee of $44 per month to make use of Peloton’s monthly subscription service.

Muscles Used While Riding a Peloton Bike

The primary muscles that are used when riding a Peloton bike are those in the lower body. As a result, it should come as no surprise that riding a bike engages the muscles in the lower body. Calves, hamstrings, and quadriceps are examples of specific muscles that may benefit from this exercise. Climbing stairs and doing high-intensity interval training both require the utilization of the glute muscles and help to develop those muscles.

Muscles Used While Riding a Peloton Row

On the other hand, rowing engages all of the body’s muscles, from the upper body (arms, chest, and core) to the lower body (legs, back, and abdominals). The upper body is responsible for 25–35% of the stroke, whereas the legs are responsible for 65–75% of the stroke.

It focuses mostly on strengthening the big muscle groups in your thighs, calves, and glutes.

Which of the Two Peloton Workouts, Rowing or Biking, Is More Effective for Losing Weight?

Both the Peloton Bike and the rowing machine are fantastic pieces of exercise equipment for facilitating weight reduction. In contrast to cycling, however, rowing, even at a modest effort, nevertheless causes you to burn a significant number of calories and causes you to get sweating in under ten minutes.

Either exercise, when performed regularly, will result in a noticeably slimmer physique; as a result, they are equally effective for reducing body fat.

Which of the Two Peloton Workouts, Rowing or Biking, Burns More Calories?

When it comes to low-impact activity levels, the effects of rowing and cycling on weight reduction are almost identical. In reality, the same amount of calories is burned at low-impact levels for each of these activities.

Yet, in comparison to cycling, rowing results in a greater number of calories expended in a given amount of time when the effort level is increased.

Last Words on Peloton Bike vs Peloton Row

In the end, whether the Peloton Bike or the Peloton Row is better for you relies on the specific fitness objectives that you want to achieve as well as the preferences that you have.

  • The Peloton Bike may be the best choice for you if you’re searching for cardiovascular exercise with a high level of intensity.
  • On the other hand, the Peloton Row is a great option to consider if you are looking for a low-impact full-body exercise that targets all of your major muscle groups.
  • In addition, customers who are concerned about their finances could pick the Peloton Row since it is more affordable than the Peloton Bike.
  • Both the Peloton Bike and the Peloton Row provide several high-tech features and training alternatives to assist users in reaching their fitness objectives while remaining in the convenience of their own homes.

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