Check Out Peloton’s New iOS App Updates (Live Activities & Dynamic Island)

After the most recent update to the Peloton iOS App, iPhone users may have seen more pop-ups. Peloton debuted two new features for iOS 16 under the titles “Live Activities” along with “Dynamic Island,” respectively. These newly added features are available in the Peloton app for iOS’s most recent version which is 15.50.0.

Live Activities Explained

If you use iOS 16 and your device is supporting widgets, you could have seen an alert message on your screen. This functionality enables Peloton app to pop a widget even in the locked state that gives users real-time access to a variety of in-class data. Even if your phone’s screen is locked, a short glance at the display will still give you a general idea of the numbers. In this game, you may decide whether to enable live activities. As a result, you may easily monitor important data straight from your device’s home screen without having to fully activate the app.

The device still shows some stats like heart rate and how many calories you burn when exercising even when it is locked. Please be aware that this applies in case you are using the app to attend a class right now. The widget cannot connect to your bike, treadmill, or rowing machine to display information from the hardware components.

Check Out Peloton’s New iOS App Updates

Dynamic Island Feature Explained

At present moment, only owners of the iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max may enjoy Dynamic Island’s features. The Peloton app you are using will continue to be seen at the top through Dynamic Island even while other tabs or even apps are open.

With this feature, you may instantly open the Peloton app but not need to fuss with switching between applications on your phone. Take note that it seems that entry to Dynamic Island is only possible after successfully finishing a lesson on the app. It is incompatible with the rowing machine, bike, and treadmill.

If both Live Activities and Dynamic Island are turned on at the same time, they may work together. The stats panel will briefly display if you press the Peloton icon on the upper side of the screen.

Pressing and holding the icon showing the teacher’s image will also allow you to access the class control widget. The widget will appear as a result. You may stop the activity and resume it later. Remember that you can quickly remove the newly released Live Activity widget in your settings if you test it out and decide you don’t like it.

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