Peloton Runs a Bonus Referral Program in February

Peloton confirmed that they will be running referral incentives offer from the 9th through the 20th of February. During that time, users will be eligible to get a $200 discount on an order from Peloton Apparel if they share a referral code with their friends. In addition to it, it now consists of other components such as weights and cycling shoes. In return, your buddy will get a discount of $200 off their total purchase if they use the coupon.

Additionally, Peloton wrote an article on their blog in which they said:

You are welcome to attempt to try Peloton. Yet as we all know, being a member of the close group is by far the most effective method to comprehend it. You and those you love may, thankfully, engage in activities other than just discussing Peloton. In order to demonstrate your appreciation for them, you may participate in the Peloton recommendation program.

Peloton Referral Code Discount Amounts

The benefits and reductions are somewhat different depending on the nation in which the business is located. Members from the United States will each earn a prize of $200. Members who are located in Canada will be awarded a prize of 250 Canadian Dollars. The members from the United Kingdom will get a prize of £200, while those from Germany will receive €200. Anyone who makes a purchase from Peloton and enters the referral code during the allotted length of time will be eligible to get a discount equal to the corresponding amount, which will be subtracted from the total cost of their purchase. It will continue to be the case that Australian users and the people they recommend will each get a reward or discount of $150.

Peloton Referral Program Eligibility 

To participate in the Peloton Referral Program, you must first become an All-Access Member, which requires you to possess a piece of hardware. The reference code may only be used a maximum of six times during a single calendar year.

Peloton Bike, Bike Plus, Tread, or Row have required pieces of equipment for members to possess to be eligible for bonus Member incentives. Owners of Peloton subscriptions who have performed five exercises on Peloton hardware or the Peloton application are eligible as well. Members of the Peloton App and Guide are not currently eligible for this promotion.

During the time covered by the promotion, members are eligible to earn the bonus more than once. To put it another way, if you’ve got two friends that use the code you provide on Peloton Apparel site, you will earn a discount equal to the amount of $400 that they spent.

Where can I find out my Peloton referral code?

Using a web browser on a desktop computer is the simplest method for locating your referral code if you are unsure of what it is. There is a link labeled “Refer Friends” accessible from the menu comprised of three horizontal stripes located in the upper right corner. You may also access the referral site by going to the following URL:

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