Peloton Black History Month Class Schedule

In the United States, the month of February is designated as Black-History-Month. As a result, for the whole month, Peloton will be celebrating with unique content. It is probable that members have already spotted several courses designated for BHM on the calendar.

Additionally, Peloton pointed out several future sessions on the upcoming posts on its Instagram account. They are providing a unique run where Alex Toussaint along with Marcel Dinkins run together. Here is the whole list of available courses:

  • 20 minutes BHM Celebration– Row with Ash Pryor – 2/8/23 At 7:30pm ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Ride with Ally Love – 2/9/23 At 7:00pm ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Ride with Tunde Oyeneyin – 2/13/23 At 7:00pm ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Run with Kirsten Ferguson – 2/13/23 At 7:30pm ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Outdoor Run with Adrian Williams – 2/17/23 At 11:00am ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Run with Jeffrey McEachern – 2/19/23 At 8:00am GMT / 3:00am ET [German]
  • 30 minutes Bad Boy Two For One– Run with Alex Toussaint & Marcel Dinkins – 2/23/23 At 7:00pm ET
  • 45 minutes BHM Celebration– Full Body Strength with Jess Sims – 2/24/23 At 12:30pm ET
  • 30 minutes BHM Celebration– Yoga Flow with Chelsea Jackson Roberts – 2/26/23 At 8:30am ET

When a student completes any Black History Month-related coursework, they are eligible to get the commemorative Black History Month badge.

Bad Boy is the name given to the 2-for-1 run that Alex and Marcel participated in. And because Peloton has already hosted a Bad Boy Entertainment series in 2021, this strongly suggests that it would include Bad Boy Entertainment music and songs because of the history of the event.

Additionally, it was mentioned on Peloton’s story feed on Instagram that the outside exercise with Adrian Williams would be shown live. The calendar for forthcoming outdoor sessions is not yet available, and these classes are normally not made public until they have been given to the library.

Over the last three years, Peloton’s commemoration of this special Month has become much more extensive. In conclusion, Peloton launches a new gear line around the time of Black History Month every year. However, there isn’t any evidence to suggest that this would occur in the year 2023.

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