Some Peloton Classes Are Available on Australian Qantas Airlines

Peloton recently announced a new relationship with the Australian airline company named Qantas.

On the in-flight entertainment center of Qantas, passengers will now be able to access a selection of programming, including sitting meditation, yoga exercises, and stretching programs ranging in duration from 5 to 10 minutes. Instead, it is a means for you to listen to material that will assist you in relaxing while you are flying, and the lessons will not be tied to your Peloton profile in any way.

There is a good chance that the material will be comparable to that which is provided by Delta Airlines, a collaboration that Peloton established in 2021. Because of this relationship, Peloton courses were made accessible for the very first time in a setting other than the Peloton application or device.

Some Peloton Classes Are Available on Australian Qantas Airline

Peloton has just disclosed two significant partnerships, both of which are with companies based in Australia. Peloton has been made accessible on Foxtel, an Australian pay tv business, as of the previous month. In addition, Peloton has made an official announcement about the Peloton Tread entering Australia, stating that the product would be introduced into the nation in February of 2023.

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