Speculations About New Peloton Pricing Tiers

New information has come to light, which, according to Bob Treemore on Twitter, hints at some of the potential alterations that may be made to the Peloton App in the year 2023. Also in advance, Peloton CEO McCarthy has discussed, on many occasions over the past few months, how Peloton expects to alter its digital strategy in 2023, which will involve the introduction of new price tiers.

It is important to take note that the information does not suggest that there will be any modifications made to the Peloton All-Access subscription. If you already own a Bike, Rowing Machine, or Treadmill, then you already have this membership. At this time, it is anticipated that the following modifications and new tiers will only apply to subscribers who only have access to the service in digital form, also known as those who join without buying any equipment.

  • As per Treemore, the name “Peloton App+” will be given to the membership tier that represents the best possible achievement for Peloton Digital users. This version may have unrestricted access to a vast variety of classes.
  • The “Peloton App Essential” is the name that will be given to a lower-level tier inside the Peloton app. The primary distinction between this tier and others will be the potential restriction imposed on the number of courses that can be taken within a given calendar month.
  • In addition, according to Treemore, certain classes on Peloton could start to be labeled as “premium” / “exclusive” programs shortly. App Essential users are unable to attend premium classes, whereas App+ users can do so. This might function in several different ways. Alternately, it may function according to a credit system, in which case customers of App Essential receive a limited amount of premium class credits, whilst users of App+ receive a greater number.
  • According to Treemore, customers to the App+ tier may also be granted access to “exclusive events.”
  • Subscribers who are not enrolled in the App Essentials, as well as App+ tiers, may theoretically have access to a freemium level in which Peloton makes a limited number of programs available to them. These classes may be removed from the freemium level during certain periods or Peloton may choose to rotate them out entirely.

Also, bear in mind that this information at this time comes from rumors, and it may still be susceptible to change until the product is released.

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