Peloton in-person classes expanding to Thursday-Monday + New limits

Today, Peloton announces some changes to the in-person classes at Peloton Studios. Peloton Studios will be open to members on more days of each week. There will also be new restrictions regarding how many classes people can attend in a single day or weekend. Some classes that were previously unavailable will now be offered in person.

These changes seem to have the goal of allowing more people to take in-person classes, either at Peloton Studio New York or London. Classes have been in high demand, with entire weekends of classes sold out within minutes of being made available to the public; adding an online queue didn’t help much. The changes that are being made today should in theory make it easier for more people to enroll in in-person classes.

Today’s announcement includes an expansion in when Peloton Studios are available to members in person. The PSL & PSNY Studios first soft opening was last June. Members could only take classes in-studio on Fridays. In August, the Studio officially reopened. Classes were available in person from Friday through Sunday.

Peloton Studios will now be open in person from Thursday to Monday starting in February. Both London’s and New York’s Peloton Studios will offer the same extended days for members to take classes in their studios.

Peloton in-person classes expanding to Thursday-Monday + New limits
Peloton shared the expanded schedule on social media.

Members used to book classes at 12:00pm ET every Monday. Both London and New York classes are made public at the same time. Moving forward, you can expect new classes to open for bookings in person on Thursdays at 12:01 ET. The next set of classes will not be added to the in-person class schedule on Monday, January 16th at 12:00 ET. Instead, they will be added to the online calendar on Thursday, January 19th at 12:00 ET.

Classes will still be available on a rolling basis for six weeks as they have been up until now. The only difference is that they will be added on Thursdays rather than Mondays.

A new limit on the number of classes that members can book is another change made today. Members will be able only to sign up for two classes in person in one day. A second rule will restrict people from booking more than four classes in a weekend. The weekend is defined as the time period between Thursday and Monday.

Although the Monday and Thursday classes won’t begin until February, the new booking rules and limits are in place as of January 12th.

Daily Limit - Booking Error Message
Daily Limit – Booking Error Message

A waitlist booking will still be considered a booking under these new rules and limits. Example: A member who has both a confirmed class and a waitlist spot booked on Friday will not be able to book another waitlist spot that Friday (or confirm a class).

Also, you will not be able to book or confirm anymore classes for a certain weekend if you already have a waitlist of 4 classes booked for four days of the same weekend (again, that’s Thursday to Monday for Peloton.)

One exception is likely to be the standby spots at studio. It is possible to be on the PSNY/PSSL standby list an hour before class begins, even if you already have 4 classes waitlisted or booked. The standby process changes every few weeks. So, it is possible for this to change depending on how people feel about the new system.

These new rules and policies will not affect bookings you have already made. This applies only to any new bookings made in the future.

Peloton in-person classes expanding to Thursday-Monday + New limits
Weekly Limit – Booking Error Message

The booking site for Peloton Studios will automatically enforce these changes. Some members reported seeing the limits momentarily in the booking system last Wednesday, but they showed only for a moment. These were likely added temporarily to test the new rules and systems in place today. If you exceed the limit on the booking site, expect to see error messages like the one in the image above.

In addition to expanding the days members are able to attend classes in person, Peloton also plans to increase the variety of live classes that members can take. Peloton members soon will be able, starting in the near future, to take Tread Bootcamp classes as well as Pilates classes.

Tread Bootcamp classes will continue to be offered for members on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays. Live Pilates classes will be held at 9:00am ET on Fridays.

Peloton, has recently changed their cancellation policy to 24 hours (instead of 12.) That means members must cancel no later than 24 hours before the scheduled class to receive credit. This change will likely give Peloton more time to send notifications to waitlisted members, letting them know that a space has become available in the class.

What do you think about these changes taking place now?

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