The Peloton Tread is available for sale in Australia via phone or Chat

Peloton is selling its Tread in Australia before their official launch next month. Peloton customers who call or chat with Peloton might be able purchase a Tread, even though it isn’t yet available for sale online.

Peloton’s FAQs support webpage for the Tread Australia Launch  has a new frequently-asked question.

Q: On social media, I have seen other people with Peloton treads. Is it still available?
A: Our system and delivery process are being tested with a limited number of people in order to ensure smooth delivery for our members. To be considered, please contact the Sales team at 1800 952 535, or through the chat function at

AQs Page for the Launch of Tread Australia
FAQs Page for the Launch of Tread Australia

Although it is not clear how big this test group is, members from Australia have reported being able to order a Tread by calling or talking with Peloton. Peloton claims that this early sales period allows them to test their logistics before officially launching the device. You cannot purchase the Tread yet on the Peloton Australia Website. However, you can sign up for updates ahead of launch.

Last month, Peloton announced for the first time that the Tread would be available in Australia. Officially, the device will be launched next month in February 2023.

You can reach Peloton by phone at 1800-952 535, or via chat at if you live in Australia.

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