Peloton Instructor Ben Alldis Releasing a Book Soon

The number of writers who are Peloton instructors continues to expand. Ben has lately hinted at the launch of a brand new project by revealing that he is now engaged in the production of something that takes place away from the studio and the bike. Although he has not publicly disclosed the information as of the moment of publication, he has authored a book that is scheduled to be published in the autumn.

Raise the Bar is the title of the book, which talks about how to go beyond your limits to create an even more powerful version of yourself. Pre-orders may be placed for it right now at

According to the summary of the book, the author, Ben Alldis, discusses topics such as mentality, motivation, and health, and he demonstrates the power of releasing potential, seizing control of one’s life, and locating and cultivating one’s abilities. Raise the Bar serves as a narrative inspirational book with practical take away as well as other lessons and guidance about ambition and also setbacks.

The book written by Ben Alldis is expected to be made available in digital format on August 31, 2023, as stated by Amazon.

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