Peloton is Now Launching Tread in Australia

Peloton made the announcement this morning that they would be bringing the Tread equipment to Australia officially. The release has been announced on the homepage of the Peloton Australia website, which has been changed to reflect the change.

Peloton is Now Launching Tread in Australia

On the website, there is a notification that says “Coming February 2023.” In addition to that, they have also included a fresh section on the website dedicated to Tread. The price of the Peloton Tread is set at AUD 4,445.

  • Peloton has introduced a new sign-up website on which users may indicate their interest in receiving further information on the Tread as well as the exact on-sale date.
  • The availability of financing for the Peloton Tread in Australia has not been officially confirmed as of yet; nevertheless, we have reason to believe that it will be made accessible.
  • Soon, Peloton will be providing additional details about the Tread that will be available in Australia.

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