Linkin Park Classes are Out on Peloton

Peloton has revealed that the rock band Linkin Park will be the featured artist in the upcoming installment of its artist series.

Linkin Park Classes are Out on Peloton

The program will begin on December 14 and will consist of seven sessions that will be taught in both English and German across four different modalities. Here is the whole list Linkin Park classes (LPC):

  • 20 min. Upper Body Strength LPC – with Ben Alldis – December 14 at 6:30am ET
  • 20 min. Row LPC – with Matt Wilpers – December 14 at 10:00am ET [On-Deamnd]
  • 30 min. Run LPC [German] – with Tobias Heinze – December 14 at 12:00pm ET
  • 45 min. Ride LPC [German] – with Charlotte Weidenbach – December 14 at 1:30pm ET
  • 30 min. Run LPC – with Jermaine Johnson – December 14 at 2:00pm ET
  • 10 min. Warm Up Ride LPC – with Bradley Rose – December 14 at 6:45pm ET [On-Demand Premiere]
  • 30 min. Ride LPC – with Kendall Toole – December 14 at 7:00pm ET

It is important to keep in mind that Bradley’s trip is a premiere class, which indicates that the class will become available on demand during the same time as its very first reprise. After successfully completing any of the Linkin Park classes, members will be eligible to get an artist series badge.

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