An Experience at the NYC or London Studios: Live Classes with Peloton Instructors

Live lessons with your favorite teachers are available at Peloton Studios, allowing you the chance to capture a moment in time and create lifelong memories.

Signing up for a Peloton Studio Class:

In order to reserve your space, you must sign up for a Peloton Studio class. Remember that session fills up rapidly, so it’s crucial to make reservations in advance, particularly for the most sought-after classes. You will be put on a waitlist if a class is full in case someone drops out.

You must first set up a unique account for the studio lessons since they are different from your usual bike account. Anyone above the age of 13 who is at least 4 feet 11 inches tall is permitted to ride a Peloton cycle.

Visit the Peloton Studio website to sign up for a class, then choose the one that fits your schedule the best. So that the staff can configure a studio bike, particularly for you, don’t forget to describe the heights of your bike’s seat and handles.

The price of Peloton Studio Sessions:

Regular Peloton Studio lessons are $32 for each class, while new students only pay $20. Additionally, non-specific tickets are available for purchase in advance, making it simple for you to schedule a class when the occasion comes. Free afternoon sessions are also offered by the NYC studio, but you must get there early to get a seat.

How to Prepare for a Peloton Studio Class:

The studio has the majority of everything you’ll need for the session, including Look Delta shoes, towels, lockers, and showers. None of these extras will be charged to you.

It is advised to bring your water bottle and some additional cash, however, in case you want to buy anything to eat or drink before or after the ride.

After receiving the COVID vaccination, you must provide identification to access the Peloton studios. You may use a picture or a digital copy of your vaccination certificate.

It’s crucial to be at least 20 minutes before the start of class since being late might cost you your position and punctuality is a must. You may use this additional time to familiarize yourself with the studio and sign the required e-waiver.

Peloton Studio Class Experience

Upon arrival, assigned instructor will welcome you to the class, give you the rules, and make requests. You’ll be up against a few other individuals in the studio, and the class displays are smaller than the home bike screens. You are welcome to take pictures after the warm-up, but you should put your phone on mute throughout the class.

For instance, a Robin Arzon class at the NYC studio is often crowded. The lesson and overall experience may be enhanced by the instructor’s personal involvement and high fives.

Overall, taking a Peloton Studio class while in NYC or London is an interesting and fun way to keep active and create memories. Don’t be hesitant to schedule a lesson and ride with your preferred teacher live.

FAQ about Peloton Studio Classes:

How can I enroll in courses online?

A: Visit our studio website,, and log in using your Peloton Membership credentials to register for classes. You may browse the schedule and register for classes there!

When do reservations for in-studio classes go live?

A: Starting on Thursday, January 19, studio reservations will be accepted every Thursday at noon ET/5 p.m. GMT.

What are the booking restrictions for classes?

A: Each Member may schedule up to 4 lessons per week or two classes per day in order to accommodate as many Members as possible. Your restriction applies to both waitlisted and scheduled places.

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