Peloton updates Privacy Policy to start 2023

Peloton has updated their privacy policy to reflect the new law in effect in the United States. Peloton sent an email informing all members of the changes:

Peloton updates Privacy Policy to start 2023
Peloton updates Privacy Policy to start 2023

The Peloton website will display the latest policies for members as of December 30, 2022. These changes will take effect January 17, 2023. The state-specific regulations for U.S.-based members will take effect January 1, 2023.

Peloton added to the introduction of their policy a section called “Why This Matters”. This basically indicates that they are trying to make their privacy policy more clear:

Peloton updates Privacy Policy to start 2023

Although there are some minor changes to the policy, they seem to have a greater focus on the plain text of the information being provided. The privacy policy now includes a section on “Fitness Data”. ‘Fitness Data’ refers to any information that relates to your workouts and/or fitness performance (e.g., calories burned, distance run, length of exercise, etc.).

Peloton clarifies that the data they collect about their members is not used for identification. According to the policy, they use fitness data for analysis and recommendations on how to train better. They will not share the members’ personal fitness data unless they have been authorized to do so (e.g., when a third-party device is paired with your Peloton account). This may be in an anonymized or aggregated form or as required by law.

The “Your Rights” section has an expanded introduction, which provides a framework.

Peloton Privacy Policy to start 2023

The policy also now includes a “U.S. Privacy Notice”. The states privacy notice contains specific information that is required by certain states.

As the privacy policy becomes available over the next few weeks, members may be notified via pop-up notifications on their devices.

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