Peloton You Can Ride Program is Available in German

Peloton has discreetly introduced a cycling program that works in tandem with its “You Can Ride” initiative. Peloton is catering to the needs of the German community by introducing a “You Can Ride” program that is available in German. The German Peloton program is similar to the English program in that it spans three weeks and consists of nine courses. At this time, each of the cycling coaches in Germany is responsible for at least one of the classes in the program.

The following is what the official description says:

Come on in and make yourself at home! This three-week program is a great way to get started on your adventure with Peloton since it allows you to sample a variety of our sessions and instructors.

Badges are an essential part of the Peloton program, thus their absence would be inexcusable. If you complete 4 courses, you may get a Bronze badge; if you complete 7 classes, you can earn a Silver badge; and if you complete 8 classes, you can earn a Gold badge. The total number of classes is 9.

How can I participate in the German You Can Ride Program?

You may sign up for the courses using the Peloton Bikes, the Peloton Tread, the Peloton Digital app, or the official Peloton website. Simply navigate to the programs area, locate the You Can Ride (DE) program, and sign up to participate in the activity.

Information Regarding the Classes:

Here is a list of the courses that are included in the program and that are scheduled for each week.




It is important to be aware that as part of the relaunch of Peloton’s programs, many courses are “locked” and will only become accessible as you go through the program.

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