Peloton’s Upcoming April Series is Announced

The well-known fitness brand Peloton, which is renowned for its intense workouts and community-focused philosophy, has some interesting things in store for the month of April. Peloton has provided many fitness fanatics with a means to keep active and engaged from the comfort of their own homes while the globe struggles to deal with the continuing epidemic. And they’re moving things forward with their most recent announcement.

Peloton is introducing a unique artist series with some of the most well-known figures in the genre to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. Fans of Pharrell, De La Soul, and Tupac will be happy to learn that these great musicians will be featured in a series of live and on-demand workshops designed to reflect their music and style during April.

Members should keep a look out for unique on-demand lessons and unexpected live classes without a studio audience in addition to the list of live classes for each artist:

Peloton’s Upcoming April Series is Announced

Additionally, there are additional chances to interact with people and experience the spirit of the community now that Peloton Studios in New York and London are available to in-person participants from Thursday through Monday. To accommodate members who attend courses in person, Peloton has moved its typical artist series day from Wednesday to Thursday. They are also preparing a number of festivities and special events to honor the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop throughout the year.

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