Skip Intro Button Added to Peloton Row

The “skip intro” option has been added to the Peloton Row after being developed by Peloton. The function was not available when the product first went on sale, but it has now begun to be rolled out.

Users have the option to skip the bulk of the one-minute lengthy introduction that is included in the majority of Peloton courses by clicking the “skip intro” button. A feature that had been requested by members regularly for many years prior to its introduction in 2020, the functionality eventually spread to other Peloton platforms.

On the Peloton Row, the function is not accessible for older classes since it was developed more recently. And more precisely, those that were included on or after November 18, 2022.

Skip Intro Button Added to Peloton Row

On the Bike and Tread devices, the button is located in the top left corner of the screen. However, on the Peloton Row screen, the button is located in the top center of the screen. Like that of the Bike and Tread gadgets, hitting the button will not completely bypass the introductory segment. However, it will fast forward to a point in the introduction that is around seven to eight seconds away.

Note that the “skip intro” option is not presently accessible for use on rowing bootcamps, but rather just on standard rowing lessons at this time.

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