Peloton Updating Pace Target Levels for The Row – Increasing From 6 To 10 (Now Live)

Peloton has begun introducing an update to the pace target options provided on the Peloton Row, bumping up the choices from six to a cool ten. Much like other tweaks, this adjustment seems to be making its way to device owners gradually—a rollout that might span a few days.

Quick update—word on the street is that this went fully live for everyone on September 12th, 2023, following its initial launch on August 18th. Exciting stuff!

However, while it’s making its way to everyone, many members are spotting a fresh popup on their Row, spilling the beans about the exciting change. The message reads:

“Get ready for the Pace Targets Update: Shifting from 6 to 10 Levels!

We’ve amped up our Pace Target Levels from 6 to a perfect 10. Brace yourself for:

  • More overlap between levels, making progress smoother.
  • Tighter ranges between Easy and Max for seamless intensity shifts.
  • Your levels have smoothly transitioned to the closest match in the new set, so no action required on your end.”

To refresh your memory, rowing classes don’t announce specific numerical paces like cycling or running classes do. Instead, the instructor guides you through effort levels: recovery, easy, moderate, challenging, or max.

Your personal pace target determines the Row’s suggested pace range. For instance, in level 1, the “easy” range could be 4:30-4:00 pace. In level 2, it gets a bit faster and more challenging, with an “easy” pace ranging from 3:50-3:20.

Old Personal Pace Targets. Credit: Mobley Laurel.

Up until this point, there were six diverse levels at your disposal. Notably, moving from level 4 to level 5 marked a rather substantial leap. Peloton is now aiming to make these transitions between zones smoother. This adjustment also aims to “offer members a broader array of pace options that better match their abilities.”

Peloton has revamped their support page regarding rowing metrics, introducing a fresh chart that displays all the ranges for the updated personal pace targets.

New pace target ranges

As this latest update makes its way to you, you may notice that the pace target you previously chose is getting a makeover without you lifting a finger. The friendly notification popping up on your screen explains that Peloton is cleverly shifting everyone to the most fitting level among the new set of 10.

Peloton spilled the beans on these updates too, sharing, “We’re expanding our pace targets from 6 to 10 levels and tweaking how we figure out pace ranges. With more pace options and a bit of overlap between the levels, our aim is to cater to you at every stage of your rowing journey and grow alongside you as you progress.”

This summer, Peloton introduced a fresh stat for Peloton Row owners, dubbed “Pace Target Distribution.” This nifty feature visually shows how well you’re sticking to the pace goals in any class.

Now, if you’re a proud owner of a Peloton Row, would having more pace levels at your disposal come in handy for you?

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