“Train Like Usain Bolt” Peloton Training Program: Classes Schedule & More

Peloton’s “Train Like Usain Bolt” initiative marks the second in their special training series, known as the Champions Collection. Earlier on, Peloton rolled out a similar one-week training plan inspired by Allyson Felix. These programs guide you through a week of classes, mimicking the training routines of these top athletes as they gear up for significant competitions. These specially crafted classes were recorded exclusively for this unique program.

Program Overview

Program Description

Let’s take a look at Peloton’s official description for “Train Like Usain Bolt”: “This week, let’s train like the fastest person on Earth, our fellow Peloton member, Usain Bolt. In this program, you’ll sprint through striders, strengthen your core, and relax with some soothing stretches—all set to the rhythm of Usain’s favorite dancehall and reggae tunes.”

Program Badges

Of course, no Peloton program is complete without some shiny badges to earn. You’ll snag a Bronze badge by finishing 7 classes, upgrade to Silver with 10 classes under your belt, and reach the pinnacle with a sparkling Gold badge when you conquer 12 out of the 13 classes on offer.


The Train Like Usain Bolt program has three awesome coaches. Let me introduce them to you:

How to Join

When this information was last updated, you could hop on board the Train Like Usain Bolt program using Peloton Bikes, Tread, the Peloton Digital app, or their website. Just head to the programs section, locate the Train Like Usain Bolt program, and hit that join button. Easy peasy!

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a lineup of the weekly classes in the program. Keep in mind, Peloton’s revamped program locks these classes until you make progress. But, if you see a class you like in the list below, just click on it. You can then save it or add it to your schedule and take it whenever you’re ready!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Join us for an amazing week of training alongside the legendary sprinter and fellow Peloton member, Usain Bolt. This special 1-week program, crafted in collaboration with Bolt himself, will help you build the strength required to excel on the track and run with the best of them.

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