Tunde Oyeneyin Now Teaches Full Strength Classes

Peloton teacher Tunde Oyeneyin begins teaching over the whole of the Peloton strength. Tunde’s strength training sessions had only focused on the upper body up to this point. Tunde shared the information with her students throughout both of her live courses. Watch the video below to see how she reacted when she heard the news by herself.

Tunde also dropped hints that she revealed something very important to her students through her Instagram posts that she posted within the day.

Beginning on the 18th of February, Tunde will begin teaching throughout the whole of the Peloton strength arena. This indicates that she will not only instruct workouts for the upper body; rather, she will also instruct workouts for the lower body, the core, the full body, as well as HIIT cardio.

On February 18, at 8:00 a.m., Tunde will, as indicated by the studio schedule, lead a live strength session that will last for twenty minutes. Even though it has not been made publically known just yet, this will likely be her first class teaching full strength.

In May of 2022, when Tunde was just beginning her Arms with Tunde program, she made her debut on the mat for the very first time. This was the first time that Tunde had ever given a strength class that did not pertain to the Arms & Light Weights material. Since August of 2022, Tunde has been routinely instructing live strength sessions, even if the exercises she has provided thus far have only focused on the upper body because this is her area of specialty.

But today, Tunde also often teaches strength topics, joining other cycling teachers Ben Alldis, Robin Arzón, and Erik Jager. In addition to the aforementioned names, several cycling coaches, such as Ally Love and Hannah Corbin, are barre instructors; barre workouts are classified as strength workouts.

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