Verizon +Play offering Peloton’s App Free Trial of 4 Month

Verizon offers a 120 days free trial of Peloton’s App to their customers through their new +play platform. Verizon issued a press statement in conjunction with the announcement.

Do you want to begin a healthy exercise regimen in the new year? Peloton and Verizon have your back. Today, Verizon announced a special offer: use Peloton’s App for 120 days, completely free, through +play beta. This is the lengthiest trial period Peloton has ever offered to new members. You can claim it until January 30, so get in quick.

120 days free trial of Peloton App on Verizon +play.
120 days free trial of Peloton App on Verizon +play.

+Play was announced for the first time in 2022. Verizon customers can view all their streaming subscriptions and manage them from one central location. Peloton is not the only company offering its content through +Play. Disney+, Netflix, and ESPN are also offered in Verizon platform.

Peloton’s App available on Verizon +play.
Peloton’s App available on Verizon +play.

The beta version of the +Play platform was launched in December 2022. Verizon offered a free Netflix subscription if you signed-up for one of their partner services, Peloton being one them. This offer is no longer available.

Verizon has released a press release stating that the four-month free trial of the app is the longest Peloton has offered so far. They have occasionally offered longer trials lasting two months, but never four months.

Verizon clients interested in this offer should visit their site by January 30th. You can also visit Peloton’s dedicated Support page to learn more details. Peloton also lately introduced an annual subscription option for its Peloton app, which provides the equivalent of 2 months of free use.

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