Sophia Urista married Peloton instructor Jess King in 2021

Jess King, one of the most popular Peloton instructors, shared that she and Sophia Urista, her long-term partner, quietly got married in March 2021. They were married almost two years ago but this is their first public announcement. Jess shared the news via Instagram:

Instagram post by Peloton instructor Jess King.

This is a moment that she has wanted to share with her fans. She married Sophie in March 2021. It was almost two years ago. They were surrounded by their amazing family. Although they initially had big dreams for a wedding, they quickly realized that the priorities were to buy a house and have a child. This little ceremony was held just after they closed on their home.
It wasn’t something they wanted to make a big deal of. They thought they’d have a big wedding once the COVID cloud had lifted, but in reality, they are so happy with how things turned out. Perhaps one day. It was @murrayhill who officiated and made their day memorable.

Jess uploaded a video that captured moments from the ceremony. It appears to have taken place in their new home. Jess has been sharing photos of the renovation of their new house over the last few months via social media. Jess says they might choose to celebrate their anniversary with a bigger celebration in the future. They are celebrating their sixth anniversary on March 13th.

Sophia and Jess were also blessed with their son Lucien in November 2022. Jess originally announced her pregnancy in May 2022 during a Peloton live ride.

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