New Yin Yoga Peloton Coaches + Workouts In German

Yin Yoga enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that Peloton has broadened its selection with fresh instructors and a new class language.

On July 24, Nico Sarani Conducted her debut Yin Yoga class, introducing the format to German-speaking members for the very first time. The class ran for 30 minutes, and Nico expressed her excitement on Instagram. In her post, she said (translated):

What I find most fascinating about Yin is that it offers us extra room in the poses to “connect with ourselves” – in other words, it lets us escape the busy thoughts in our minds.

In a way, we’re dipping our toes into meditation territory, and considering that yoga has a traditional goal of calming our minds (Patanjali would certainly concur), this practice is an excellent way to work on just that.


Moreover, within the past month, Kristin McGee, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, and Kirra Michel each conducted their debut Yin Yoga sessions:

As the Yin Yoga team continues to grow, we may soon have the opportunity to join classes led by Anna Greenberg, Mariana Fernández, and Ross Rayburn. Yin Yoga was introduced on the Peloton platform in February 2023, initially guided only by Aditi Shah and Denis Morton. Yin Yoga is a type of yoga known for its unhurried pace, involving holding poses for extended periods, sometimes lasting 3-5 minutes or more. These postures mainly target the body’s connective tissues and joints. It’s worth noting that Yin Yoga differs from restorative yoga, which prioritizes relaxation and healing, while Yin Yoga emphasizes stretching and gently applying stress to specific areas of the body.


All Yin Yoga classes can be found in the dedicated Peloton collection, and you can easily locate them by using the “restorative” filter when searching the complete on-demand library. Have you considered incorporating Peloton’s Yin Yoga content into your regular workout routine?

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