“You Can Run Outdoors” Peloton Program (German)

Just the other week, Peloton made a big announcement about taking outdoor running to the German community. They introduced six fresh outdoor running sessions that you can do whenever you want. What’s more, they also unveiled an all-new “You Can Run” outdoor training program in German. This program spans eight weeks and offers 16 classes led by Marcel Maurer and Tobias Heinze.

If you’re interested in an English version of the “You Can Run” outdoor program, you can check it out right here.

It’s important to remember that, similar to many other Peloton programs, these classes are tucked away within the program system, so you won’t stumble upon them while browsing the library. But don’t worry! We’ve got links to all the classes right below if you’d like to discover them or follow them at your own speed.

Overview Program

Program Description

Here’s the official description of “You Can Run Outdoors (DE)” by Peloton: “Discover the basic aspects of running technique and gradually boost your self-assurance over eight weeks of training sessions intended to assist you in running comfortably for 30 minutes!”

Program Badges

Of course, when it comes to Peloton programs, badges are a must-have. You’ll earn a Bronze badge for finishing 8 classes, a Silver badge for completing 12 classes, and a shiny Gold badge for conquering 14 out of the 16 classes in the program.


The You Can Run Outdoors (DE) program has two awesome Peloton coaches. Let me introduce them:

How To Join

When this information was shared, you had options to hop into the You Can Run Outdoors (DE) program from your Peloton Bike, Tread, Peloton Digital app, or the Peloton website. All you had to do was head over to the programs section, locate the You Can Run Outdoors (DE) program, and hit that “Join” button. Easy peasy!

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a lineup of the weekly classes that make up the program. Keep in mind that Peloton’s updated program setup means these classes are initially locked, and you can unlock them as you move forward in the program. But if you’re eager to dive into any class right away, simply click on its name in the list below, and you can bookmark it or add it to your stack to take it immediately. Enjoy the flexibility!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Week 1 is here to kickstart your running adventure! Begin by immersing yourself in two 20-minute classes, specially crafted to ease you into the world of jogging and walking as you embark on your You Can Run journey. Let’s get moving!

2nd Week Class List & Schedule

Let’s talk about Week 2 and how your warm-up can make your road adventures even better! We’ll explore some drills, activations, and strides to help you get ready.

3rd Week Class List & Schedule

As we roll into Week 3, let’s unravel the mystery of cadence: working on how many steps you take each minute can boost your comfort and confidence when you’re out for a run.

4th Week Class List & Schedule

Discover your real ‘easy and chatty’ pace with the guidance of Tobias and Marcel during these workouts. You’ll feel more self-assured and pumped up for your runs!

5th Week Class List & Schedule

Great job on reaching the halfway mark! Let’s take a closer look at your running form, from your head to your toes, with the expert guidance of Tobias and Marcel during your initial 30-minute workouts.

6th Week Class List & Schedule

Exploring various running speeds and mastering their use is a key to advancing in your running journey. Week 6 is all about experimenting with some fresh paces!

7th Week Class List & Schedule

As we approach the program’s final two weeks, let’s work on getting closer to your goal by extending your running intervals and giving jogging a shot during your recovery periods.

8th Week Class List & Schedule

Big kudos for reaching Week 8! You’re all set for two classes that will really test your endurance and highlight the amazing progress you’ve achieved!

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