Peloton Bike Generations: Original vs Plus

Peloton is a business that specializes in indoor cycling bikes and equipment, and they provide a wide range of bike types. These machines are made to offer a challenging exercise that simulates riding a genuine road bike. In this post, we’ll examine the many versions of Peloton bikes and talk about their characteristics.

Peloton Original Bike and Its Generations:

The original Peloton bike was the first indoor cycling bike type that the firm manufactured. This machine was created to simulate riding a genuine road bike while offering high-intensity exercise.

The following are some of the main characteristics of the first Peloton bike:

  • 21.5-inch HD touchscreen display that lets you follow along with live and recorded lessons and monitor your exercise data
  • A carbon steel framework that is intended to be strong and light
  • A knob that you may turn to change the level of resistance throughout your exercise
  • Customizable handlebars and a seat that may be adjusted to fit your body

Peloton Original Bike Generations:

The standard bike models are shown below in chronological sequence, along with information on how to identify one by its serial number;

  1. Generation 1: 2AA3N-QUARTZ runs Android OS 4.1.1 Jellybean. till the start of 2016.
  2. Generation 2: PLTN-RB1V1 has just upgraded to Android 7.0 from Android OS Lollipop 5.1. shipping since mid-2016
  3. Generation 3: The tablets support Bluetooth heart rate monitors and other Bluetooth devices, and the PLTN-RB1VQ model runs Android 7.0. They also feature improved sound with more bass.
  4. Generation 4: The PLTN-RB1VO, which debuted in late 2018 and runs Android 7.0 like Gen 3, started releasing.
  5. Generation 5: PLTN-RB1VQ-2, the most recent model for the basic Peloton bike, began delivering in late 2021.

Note that regardless of the Generation, the Peloton bike touchscreen is 21.5 inches in size.

The bike plus and treadmill screens are somewhat different from the peloton bike screen, though, so there is a generational gap.

The generational divide in technology that is most pronounced is between generations 1 and 2. Wireless screen casting and other modern features not seen on Generation 1 touchscreens were added by Peloton in Generation 2.

Peloton Bike Plus and Its Generations:

The Peloton Bike Plus, sometimes referred to as Bike+, is the company’s newest bike. The Bike Plus has a bigger 32-inch HD touchscreen display and an extra automated resistance technology that enables the bike to automatically alter the resistance to meet an inclination during a simulated ride. With the built-in front-facing camera on this bike, you can attend online lessons with loved ones. Among the primary characteristics of the Bike Plus are:

  • 32-inch HD touchscreen display that lets you follow along with live classes and view your exercise data.
  • A very strong and lightweight carbon steel frame.
  • Automatic resistance mechanism that enables the bike to change resistance automatically to correspond with the ascent of a simulated ride.
  • You may take online lessons alongside loved ones thanks to the built-in front-facing camera.
  • Customizable handlebars and a seat that may be adjusted to match your physique.

Generations of the Peloton Bike Plus:

  1. Gen 1: 2AA3N-TTR01: This was the first Peloton bike screen to have front speakers and rear subwoofers, which improved the sound. At 23.8 inches, it is also bigger than the typical bike touchscreen.
  2. The newest Peloton bike plus and treadmill touchscreen model, known as Gen 2: 2AA3N-TTR02, began selling in late 2021.

Additional Features:

  • The touchscreen display on both the Original Peloton bike and the Bike Plus allows access to several built-in exercise sessions and programs.
  • You can adjust your exercise to your fitness level by choosing from a variety of resistance settings on both the Original Peloton bike and the Bike Plus.
  • Calories burnt, distance traveled, and speed is just a few of the exercise parameters that can be recorded on the Original Peloton bike and the Bike Plus.
  • Interval training, hill climbing, and endurance riding are just a few of the workout modes available on both the Original Peloton bike and the Bike Plus.

How can I tell which version/generation of Peloton bike I own?

One of the most often asked questions regarding the peloton bike generation is this one.

Although other elements, such as color and the location of the power button, might aid in rapid identification, you can quickly verify the generation model of your tablet on the label on the back of your tablet.

Do Peloton Generations Matter at All?

You may get a sense of the screen technology you will use by looking at previous versions of Peloton bikes. For instance, Gen 1 tablets are now out of date and incapable of receiving Peloton updates, making them almost worthless when riding a bike.

It is important to verify the bike generation when buying a used bike to estimate the value of the bike. All other circumstances being equal, a bike that is an older model should be less expensive than one that is relatively new.

Peloton is also selling Gen 1 bike tablets for $350 each. Therefore, you may take into consideration the bike if it’s still in good shape and the price is still reasonable even after the screen replacement.

Technology-wise, Peloton bike + generations are superior to Peloton standard bikes.

Key Takeaway

Two of the most well-liked versions the firm sells are the Original Peloton bike and the Bike Plus. Both of these bikes are made to offer vigorous exercise that is comparable to riding a genuine road bike. They contain a wide range of features that may be adjusted to meet your physique and degree of fitness. On their touchscreen displays, you may access a selection of built-in training classes and programs. Your tastes and the exact features you are searching for in an indoor riding bike will ultimately determine whether you choose the Original Peloton bike or the Bike Plus.

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