Best Bike Shorts for Peloton Bike Rides (2022)

To begin peloton biking, you must acquire the necessary equipment, like cycling shoes and peloton shorts.

Many mountain bike shorts are on the market, but which ones are best for a Peloton bike? I have been riding my Peloton bike for a few months now, and I have found that some of the shorts I wore were not comfortable. They made me feel like I was wearing a diaper.

This guide will show you the shorts that worked best for me. These shorts are designed to be worn during your bike ride so that you feel maximum comfort even when mountain biking. We’ll break down the design of these shorts, what they’re made of, and how they work with your Peloton Bike.

Best Peloton Bike Shorts for Men

#1 Nicewin’s 4D-padded cycling shorts

Do you need peloton bike shorts with a variety of models? The men’s Nicewin is made with a variety of activities in mind, including spinning, road cycling, mountain riding, and even motorcycle riding experience.

These pair of bike shorts are already adorable and stylish, but the interesting design takes them to the next level. 

The high-density foam pad in a butterfly form is combined with silicone gel padding to provide comfort and stress absorption for the butt. Even the hips are protected by the 4D pad’s elongated wings. As a result, problems with chafing, rubbing, and other forms of skin irritation will be eliminated.

The moisture wicking materials and quick-drying properties, as well as the garment’s breathability, are assured. In addition, the leg-opening silicone particles prevent the shorts from riding up when working out. The seams, too, are perfectly flat to not irritate the skin. This way, you can zero in on your Peloton performance and give it your whole attention.

Because of the anti-tear crotch design, you can work out at any intensity level with complete confidence.

There are two spacious side pockets and a zippered back pocket so you can easily store your gear and access it before, during, and after your exercise.


  • These cycling shorts are designed to withstand a wide variety of motions, thanks to an anti-tear crotch.
  • Cushioning, comfort, and air circulation are all ensured by sufficient padding. 
  • The garment has three storage compartments for your exercise needs.


  • These cycling shorts are smaller compared to the size provided on the website.

#2 Ezrun 3D Padded Bike Shorts

Loose-fitting Peloton spinning shorts are recommended for warmer months. The Ezrun shorts don’t only have mesh panels and vents to let air in; they’re also loose at the hems. 

The shorts are made of lightweight material; their lightweight design gives them a speedy feel. You’ll stay dry and comfortable on your trip because the smooth fabric can soak up sweat without blocking airflow.

Ezrun 3D shorts’ 95% polyester and 5% elastane construction is quite flattering. Thanks to the low-key style and sturdy construction, they may be worn everywhere. 

These shorts contain a padded inner short that has 3D padding. Thanks to the two zipped pockets and one Velcro pocket, you can carry everything you need for the gym.


  • These summer riding shorts have great ventilation
  • A lot of storage space (3 pockets)
  • 3D padding


  • The shorts move up after a long cycling session (a common complaint)

#3 Cenfor Men’s 7″ (No Padding)

If padded shorts aren’t your thing, you can still have a thrilling ride on the peloton with just a seat cushion and these Cenfor Men’s 7″ shorts. Because of their slackness, they are excellent for avoiding overheating. Furthermore, the shorts may be used for additional physical activities, such as jogging, walking on the beach, or working out at a gym.

The shorts are made of high-quality, long-lasting polyester. It’s easy to wear in front of a group of people because of how nice it looks. 

Due to the elasticized waist and adjustable drawstring, this item is available in a single size that may be worn by a broad variety of body types. In addition, no one has ever complained that the short size they were given was wrong.

As a result of their low weight, the shorts are very airy, dry rapidly, and do not absorb any moisture. 

You may bring your phone, keys, a handkerchief, and other items to the bicycle room in one of the two large pockets on the sides.


  • The shorts have a roomy cut that works well for any peloton exercise. 
  • It has a breathable material and design, an elastic clasp and drawstring for a custom fit, and roomy pockets for all your needs. 


  • A proper bike seat cover is essential for safety (a gel bike seat cover is recommended).

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Best Peloton Bike Shorts for Women

#1 Nicewin-Women’s Stylish 3D Padded Bike Shorts

These shorts with beautiful side patterns might be the perfect place to start. The shorts are made from high-quality chintz cloth and include colorful die-sublimated patterns on the sides, adding a splash of style to an otherwise serious exercise. 

The inverted triangle with a high waist is another trendy option; it prevents a rollover by evenly distributing weight over the midsection. The smooth seams and stretchy silicone particle grippers make it very comfortable to wear.

The shorts are not just regular workout clothes because it provides maximum comfort and ensures they remain in place while training. The stereoscopic 3D cushioning provides appropriate shock absorption and also stops vibration. It is made from high-density foam and silicon gel. 

The shorts’ high-quality spandex and polyamide construction allow easy circulation and heat dissipation. Also, they include moisture-wicking materials, so you’ll be dry and comfy throughout your spin session. 

In addition, the crotch is made from 4-way stretch fabric, which has a high elastic ability and keeps the shorts from tearing even during the most strenuous workouts.

It has the features of average bike shorts but looks fashionable.


  • Strategically padded to prevent pressure points and sores.
  • It has a moisture-wicking, heat-releasing, airy, and pressure-relieving waistband. 


  • Sizing runs smaller than average.

#2 Eco-Daily Women’s Padded Bike Shorts

Looking for the finest Peloton cycle shorts with storage for your phone, tissues, and other essentials? The Women’s Eco-Daily Bike Shorts provide this precise choice thanks to a sizable back pocket.  

To begin with, the waistband is generously sized to not pinch or otherwise cause discomfort around the waist. But silicone grips on the hem bar keep the shorts from riding up when you move around.

The female-specific cushioning then contrasts with the high-density foam inserts, allowing for airflow, blood flow, and a luxurious level of comfort. 

Moreover, the shorts’ contoured form in key places ensures they stay in place no matter how strenuous your workout gets. 

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Furthermore, these shorts are so versatile that you may wear them when riding a motorcycle, an outdoor bike, or a peloton bike. 


  • Its roomy back pocket can hold a phone, keys, and credit cards.
  • The roll-free waistband and a padded construction that provides padding without sacrificing breathability or mobility
  • You may ride it on regular bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, or even motorcycles.


  • The padding around the legs may be too thick for certain people.

#3 Stretch is Comfort (No Padding)

Have you been searching for plus-size Peloton-friendly cycling shorts? This Stretch is Comfort pair was made with you in mind. Plus-size ladies of all shapes and sizes will find a comfortable fit in these garments, which range in size from X to 5X. 

The bike shorts will make your time in the race much more pleasant, thanks to their extra cushion. Also, remember that these shorts will play a significant role in helping you achieve your weight loss goals if you are an indoor cyclist. 

The compressive fabric is mostly cotton with a little spandex for elasticity and durability. Also, the four-way stretch fabric will make it possible for you to do anything from riding the bike to working out without any additional equipment. 

These bike shorts will keep their shape wash after wash because they have an elastic waistband and a 7-inch inseam. 


  • The cut and stretch on the hot spots make them a great option for curvy ladies, and they’re versatile enough to wear on and off the bike.
  • The waist and crotch are also quite comfortable. 


  • You will need to buy a bike seat cushion to protect you.


Do you have to wear special bike shorts for the peloton to work out? 

Not really. However, you can bike for longer in comfort with bike shorts. Also contributing to their ease of wear is the fact that the training shorts are cut in a way that is conducive to a biker’s demands. 

Can you wear padded shorts if your bike seat is padded? 

The answer is yes. But for maximum ease of movement, you’ll want to wear less cushioned shorts. Shorts without padding may nevertheless be worn on a seat cushion without discomfort. 

Which is superior, padded or unpadded cycling shorts? 

It’s up to you to decide. These padded cycling shorts will cushion you from the hard bike seat with their comfort. Conversely, unpadded shorts feel soft and supportive while sitting on a padded bicycle seat, especially for indoor cycling. 

Final Thoughts

Cycling shorts, one of the most important peloton bike accessories, are a must-have for every spin class or peloton ride. Why? Because you won’t have to worry about getting any seat injuries, you’ll be able to relax and focus on your exercise. 

As you’ve already read, the best one is always subjective. However, I have tried my best so that the above cycling shorts review represents everyone’s interest when they look for the best peloton bike shorts.

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