New Peloton Flash Challenge/Badge – 2023 All for One Challenge 

Peloton is back with a new quick challenge after a long break. To mark the 2023 All for One Music Festival, they’ve named it “All for One 2023.” It’s happening from September 7 to 16. To get a special badge, just complete 3, 5, or 10 All For One ’23 classes or Lanebreak levels between those dates. 

Earn different badges in the All for One 2023 Challenge by completing AFO classes. Bag a gold badge with 10 classes, a silver badge with five, and a bronze badge with three. Finish your classes by September 16 to qualify. 


Sign up for the challenge on the website, your hardware device touchscreen, or the App. You can also expect a separate AFO badge, just like in the 2022 and 2021 All for One Music Festivals. 

The All for One Music Festival by Peloton is set for September 7-9, showcasing 32 artists. The dates were shared on August 1, with the full line-up disclosed on August 22. The live class schedule was released on August 29, and we have a detailed article about all the classes

Are you joining the 2023 AFO flash challenge? 

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