Peloton Quotes: +127 Instructors’ Motivational Citations

Peloton stands out from other fitness programs due to the strong sense of community it fosters. Peloton instructors don’t simply guide your workouts; they also act as life coaches. Peloton instructors do more than curate great playlists; they provide daily affirmations that often seem tailor-made for us and provide exactly the boost of motivation that we require. Furthermore, their Peloton quotes not only propel us toward our fitness goals, but they also speak directly to our inner selves.

As soon as you experience Peloton for yourself, you’ll quickly identify each instructor with his or her uplifting phrases and quotes. That way when starting any ride, run, strength training session, or yoga class – or any of its offerings – you’ll know exactly what’s in store!

I’ve curated over 127 Peloton quotes, and hope some resonate with you as much as they do with me.

Note that not all these quotes are entirely original; many have been shared and adopted by Peloton instructors themselves, sometimes using similar or slightly modified quotes in class.

If I’ve miscredited any of these quotes or made any misquotes or missed your favorite sayings from Peloton instructors, don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments. I also intend to keep this list updated and will send out notifications as changes occur.

Friendly advice: Those seeking to avoid profanity should steer clear of quotes by Alex, Cody, Christine, Jenn, Jess Sims and Matty.

Aditi Shah’s Peloton Quote

aditi shah yoga coach

If you haven’t tried Aditi’s sleep meditations yet, I really suggest giving them a go. Her voice is incredibly calming. Aditi Shah and the yoga instructors, such as Ross Rayburn, Anna Greenberg, Kristin McGee, and even Denis Morton, focus on helping us find inner peace rather than bombarding us with motivational slogans. However, every now and then, they share a special mantra worth remembering, like this one.

1. “What you have to give, the world needs.”

Peloton Quotes

Adrian Williams’s Peloton Quotes

Hottest Peloton trainers

Adrian Williams has easily become one of my preferred instructors, whether it’s for strength training, running, or even rowing classes. He delivers everything with a charming grin.

2. “If you don’t squeeze your glutes no one else will.”

Peloton Quotes

3. “If you need to take an emotional lap, take an emotional lap.”

Peloton Quotes

Anna Greenberg’s Peloton Quote

who is the hottest female peloton instructor

Anna Greenberg, with her gentle voice, inspires serenity with each and every breath in her yoga and meditation sessions.

4. “Every fall is an opportunity to refocus.”

Peloton Quotes

Alex Toussaint’s Peloton Quotes

Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint offers a kind of tough love that comes from his own journey. He attended military school as a child and chased his dreams relentlessly. One day, while diligently cleaning the floors of a Flywheel spin studio, he mustered the courage to ask the owner for an audition as an instructor. The rest, as they say, is history. Alex’s story serves as a powerful reminder to always give our best and appreciate every opportunity that comes our way.

5. “Allow yourself the opportunity to get uncomfortable.”

Peloton Quotes

6. “Feel good. Look good. Do better.”

Peloton Quotes

7. “Quitting is a luxury we can’t afford.”

Peloton Quotes

8. “Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.”

Peloton Quotes

9. “Make modifications not excuses.”

Peloton Quotes

10. “You can either be sore tomorrow or sorry tomorrow. Which do you choose?”

Peloton Quotes

11. “You’re not smiling? Fix your face. You woke up.”

Peloton Quotes

12. “Get your a^^ up out to third.”

“Get your ass up out to third.”

13. “This ain’t daycare.”

Peloton Quotes

Ally Love’s Peloton Quotes

Ally Love

Ally Love: Her last name couldn’t be more fitting. When you join her Sundays with Love classes, her positivity truly shines through.

14. “Are you ready? Yes or yes?”

Peloton Quotes

15. “Show up. Work hard. Repeat.”

Peloton Quotes

16. “You can do anything for 15 seconds.”

Peloton Quotes

17. “Give this acceleration everything you’ve got: your checking account, your savings, your shoebox.”

Peloton Quotes

18. “Don’t compare your chapter one with someone else’s chapter six.”

Peloton Quotes

19. “You can be a mess but you can’t stay there.”

Peloton Quotes

20. “You came here to get stronger, not smaller.”

Peloton Quotes

21. “Not because you want to but because you can.”

Peloton Quotes

22. “A crown of sweat and a soul of fire.”

Peloton Quotes

Andy Speer’s Peloton Quotes

Andy Speer hot instructor

The Tread coach Andy Speers offers a well-loved four-week strength training program, ideal for newcomers to weightlifting.

23. “Fight fatigue with focus.”

Peloton Quotes

24. “Step into your power.”

Peloton Quotes

Becs Gentry’s Peloton Quotes

Becs Gentry runner

Becs Gentry, a marathon runner and British Tread trainer, recently made her bid for the Olympics. Clearly, her dedication and determination shine through.

25. “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.”

Peloton Quotes

26. “Run into your unknown.”

Peloton Quotes

Ben Alldis’s Peloton Quotes

Hottest Peloton trainer

Meet Ben Alldis, the Peloton instructor hailing from London’s studio. Just like his fellow instructor, Sam Yo, he’s not one for many words. Ben’s specialty is spinning to fantastic dance tunes while offering gentle encouragement, all accompanied by his warm, welcoming smile.

27. “You didn’t get this far to only get this far.”

Peloton Quotes

28. “Progress over perfection.”

Peloton Quotes

Chelsea Jackson Roberts’s Peloton Quote

Chelsea Jackson Roberts peloton instructor

Allow Chelsea Jackson Roberts, with her charming Southern accent, to lead you gracefully through your yoga journey. Her presence radiates a comforting and supportive warmth that envelops you.

29. “Trust that you are doing it right.”

Peloton Quotes

Christine D’Ercole’s Peloton Quotes

Christine D'Ercole

This ex-dancer and actress from the past reminds us that her once-perceived hindrance, her substantial thighs, now empower and fortify her. Christine D’Ercole excels in competitive bike racing. In the past, CDE offered Mantra classes, and those were among my cherished moments. They always felt like a healing session to me.

30. “You are bigger than a smaller pair of pants.”

Peloton Quotes

31. “Drop your shoulders. Drop your baggage.”

Peloton Quotes

32. “Easy is bullsh*t. You can’t be proud of easy.”

Peloton Quotes

33. “Hands on your back.”

Peloton Quotes

34. “I am. I can. I will. I do.”

Peloton Quotes

35. “The numbers do not define you.”

Peloton Quotes

36. “Put your head down and just ride the damn bike.”

Peloton Quotes

37. “What if you could?”

Peloton Quotes

38. “Don’t rely on compliments for confidence.”

Peloton Quotes

Cody Rigsby’s Peloton Quotes

Cody Rigsby coach

If you’re seeking some laughter and don’t want to be too serious, you’ve found the perfect instructor. Cody Rigsby will challenge you, but he’ll do it with a grin. I particularly adore his hilarious LOL Series.

39. “Grab water. Grab a towel. Get your life together.”

Peloton Quotes

40. “Love yourself with your whole a^^. None of this half-a^^ self-love.”

Peloton Quotes

41. “If Britney can get through 2007, you can get up this hill.”

Peloton Quotes

42. “It ain’t that deep.”

Peloton Quotes

43. “Be savage. Not average.”

Peloton Quotes

44. “Fix your wig and get your life together, boo.”

Peloton Quotes

45. “You do you, boo.”

Peloton Quotes

46. “Settling gets you an ugly boyfriend.”

Peloton Quotes

47. “If cauliflower can be pizza, you can be anything you want.”

Peloton Quotes

48. “One, two. One, two.”

Peloton Quotes

Denis Morton’s Peloton Quotes

denis morton peloton hot

Perhaps it’s his surfer vibes combined with an amazing soundtrack, but Denis Morton (a mix of yogi, spin instructor, and hair model) motivates you in a manner that leaves you feeling not only stronger but also wonderfully relaxed after one of his classes.

49. “Consistency is key.”

Peloton Quotes

50. “Take the recovery you need, not the one you want.”

Peloton Quotes

51. “If you can’t be good, be careful.”

Peloton Quotes

52. “If you can’t get out of it, get into it.”

Peloton Quotes

53. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it’s never going to change you.”

Peloton Quotes

54. “If you think you can’t, change your mind.”

Peloton Quotes

55. “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Peloton Quotes

Actually, it was Theodore Roosevelt who said it first.

56. “I make suggestions. You make decisions.”

Peloton Quotes

Emma Lovewell’s Peloton Quotes

Emma Lovewell

Emma Lovewell is another ex-dancer who has a knack for interior design and a keen ear for music. She will surely inspire you with her fantastic playlists. She’s introduced me to quite a few indie artists along the way.

57. “Work out because you love your body not because you hate it.”

Peloton Quotes

58. “Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway.”

Peloton Quotes

59. “You can’t hate yourself into change. Love yourself into greatness.”

Peloton Quotes

60. “Sit in your discomfort.”

Peloton Quotes

61. “You have to be extra to be extraordinary.”

Peloton Quotes

Hannah Corbin’s Peloton Quotes

Hottest Peloton Instructors

Hannah Corbin, a lively ex-off-Broadway dancer (formerly known as Hannah Marie), crafts some of the most unique and unforgettable Peloton motivation sayings.

62. “Treat your body like it belongs to someone you love.”

Peloton Quotes

63. “Your body isn’t Amazon Prime. It’s not going to show up in two days.”

peloton quote

Hannah Frankson’s Peloton Quote

Hannah Frankson peloton

Hannah Frankson is a fresh face in the Peloton world, and she brings fantastic music to her workouts. If you prefer an instructor who keeps the chatter to a minimum, consider giving Hannah a spin.

64. “Push, push. Push, push.”

peloton quote

Jenn Sherman’s Peloton Quote

Jenn Sherman peloton coach

In Jenn’s classes, you might catch a couple of lively moments. This Jersey girl has a knack for making you feel like a close friend rather than a coach. Join her class, and you’ll find yourself singing and sharing a few spirited words right alongside her. Here the Peloton quote for which Jenn Sherman is famous.

65. “Just f*cking do it.”

peloton quote

Jess Sims’s Peloton Quotes

Jess Sims

Jess Sims, once a kindergarten teacher and principal, delivers some of the most memorable one-liners. She’s popular for her playful advice, often urging you to aim for that “glazed donut” expression.

66. “You don’t have to. You get to.”

peloton quote

67. “How do you do anything is how you do everything.”

peloton quote

68. “Never easy, always worth it.”

peloton quote

69. “This isn’t a butt museum so get your ass off display.”

peloton quote

70. “The hardest part is over. You showed up.”

peloton quote

71. “No ego, amigo.”

peloton quote

72. “We can do hard things.”

peloton quote

73. “You’re allowed to be a work in progress and a masterpiece at the same damn time.”

peloton quote

Jess King’s Peloton Quotes

jessica king

Jess King’s Peloton rides are not only quirky and fun, but they also have a touch of sparkle. Also, Jess King has a way of connecting with her riders on an emotional level when she offers them advice. In my opinion, her Sweat Steady series is among the most challenging on Peloton.

74. “You are you and that is your superpower.”

peloton quote

75. “Remember this work.”

peloton quote

76. “Get high on your own supply.”

peloton quote

77. “Be your own best friend.”

peloton quote

78. “You were enough from the beginning. You are enough right now.”

peloton quote

79. “This is the place where you bring your worth and realize the power you possess.”

peloton quote

80. “Be your own fantasy.”

peloton quote

81. “You have the right to walk away from that which does not serve you.”

peloton instructor quotes

82. “Glitter is a strategy.”

peloton instructor quotes

Kendall Toole’s Peloton Quote

Hottest peloton instructors

Kendall Toole, famous for her intense hard rock workouts and her movie lover-themed series, often incorporates references to boxing. It’s exciting that Peloton has finally included boxing sessions in its schedule.

83. “They can knock you down but they can never knock you out.”

peloton instructor quotes

Kristin McGee’s Peloton Quote

kristin mcgee peloton coach

Kristin McGee is a devoted yogi and a mom to two adorable blonde boys. She frequently opens up her life to her many Instagram followers. The quote she shared truly strikes a chord.

84. “Everything you could possibly ever want, have, or need is right here inside of you.”

peloton instructor quotes

Leanne Hainsby’s Peloton Quotes

Leanne Hainsby peloton

Leanne Hainsby, the cheerful Brit who shares my passion for Broadway, never fails to inspire with her radiant positivity, even in the face of her public battle with breast cancer.

85. “Done and dusted.”

peloton instructor quotes

86. “Yes to you.”

peloton instructor quotes

Matt Wilpers’ Peloton Quotes

matt wilpers peloton

When you enroll in one of Matt’s sessions, often referred to as the “baby-faced assassin,” you can be sure that he’ll prioritize proper form and technique. Joining his power zone classes is a surefire way to boost your stamina. Here are the Peloton quotes for which Matt Wilpers is famous.

87. “Athletes don’t exercise and diet. They train and fuel.”

peloton motivational quotes

88. “Take control of your workout and make the decision to succeed.”

peloton motivational quotes

89. “No one told you to be here and if they did, maybe it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship.”

peloton motivational quotes

90. “Practice makes permanent.”

peloton motivational quotes

91. “Pain is just weakness leaving your body.”

peloton motivational quotes

Matty Maggiacomo’s Peloton Quote

matty maggiacomo hardest Peloton instructors

Meet Matty Maggiacomo, an instructor specializing in strength training and Tread workouts. While you break a sweat during your session, he’ll keep you entertained with his infectious humor.

92. “Inhale the good sh*t. Exhale the bullsh*t.”

peloton motivational quotes

Olivia Amato’s Peloton Quote

Hottest female Peloton Instructors

Don’t let the size of this petite instructor deceive you. When you enroll in one of Olivia’s classes, brace yourself for a challenging experience, and be prepared to put in some serious effort! Here is the Peloton quote for which Olivia Amato is famous.

93. “This is tough but you’re tougher.”

motivational instructor quotes

Rebecca Kennedy’s Peloton Quote

hot fitness coach

Is there anything Rebecca Kennedy can’t do? This ex-NFL cheerleader makes everything appear effortlessly accomplished.

94. “Strength elicits confidence.”

motivational instructor quotes

Robin Arzon’s Peloton Quotes

robin arzon peloton coach

Could it be that Robin Arzon has a way with inspiring words? Every time I take one of her classes, it’s like diving into a helpful book. I remember attempting to write down all the insightful things she said during the Lizzo ride, one of my all-time favorite classes, and my hand got exhausted.

95. “You did not wake up to be mediocre.”

peloton quote

96. “Put that crown on. You just polished it with sweat.”

peloton quote

97. “It doesn’t get easier. You get stronger.”

peloton quote

98. “Remember when you wished for what you have right now?”

peloton quote

99. “This is a privilege.”

peloton quote

100. “Adjust your crown.”

peloton quote

101. “Fix your crown because I only ride with royalty.”

peloton quotes

102. “What’s 90 seconds to a queen?”

peloton quotes

103. “You’ve made it through 100 percent of your bad days.”

“You’ve made it through 100 percent of your bad days.”

104. “This is the house that hustle built.”

“This is the house that hustle built.”

105. “Thank you legs. Thank you lungs.”

“Thank you legs. Thank you lungs.”

106. “It’s not a punishment. It’s a privilege.”

“It’s not a punishment. It’s a privilege.”

107. “No challenge, no change.”

“No challenge, no change.”

108. “Yes, you can.”

“Yes, you can.”

109. “Around here, the queen saves herself.”

“Around here, the queen saves herself.”

110. “Keep your squats low and your standards high.”

“Keep your squats low and your standards high.”

111. “You woke up today . . . might as well be a badass.”

“You woke up today . . . might as well be a badass.”

112. “But did you die?”

“But did you die?”

113. “Add it back.”

“Add it back.”

114. “You know a real queen fixes another queen’s crown without telling her it’s crooked.”

“You know a real queen fixes another queen’s crown without telling her it’s crooked.”

Sam Yo’s Peloton Quote

Sam Yo peloton coach

Sam Yo embodies a calm and resilient spirit. He’s the kind of instructor you’ll appreciate if you prefer a quieter experience without too much chatter.

115. “Bring it. Build it. Become it.”

“Bring it. Build it. Become it.”

Selena Samuela’s Peloton Quote

Selena Samuela hot instrcutor

Lately, I’ve been enjoying Selena’s treadmill runs. What stands out to me is her down-to-earth approach. She even gave a fun tip to pick up the pace: ” Hurry up like you have to pee and the bathroom’s up ahead.” Here is the Peloton quote for which Selena Samuela is famous.

116. “But what if you can?”

“But what if you can?”

Tunde Oyeneyin’s Peloton Quotes

Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde Oyeneyin exudes strength with her trademark red lips, strong arms, and her freshly shaved head.

117. “Self-care is not a luxury. Self-care is not a privilege.”

“Self-care is not a luxury. Self-care is not a privilege.”

118. “The pain you feel today shows itself as strength tomorrow.”

“The pain you feel today shows itself as strength tomorrow.”

119. “You don’t have to absorb the energy around you. You can create it.”

“You don’t have to absorb the energy around you. You can create it.”

120. “If a seed doesn’t grow overnight, why would you expect the same from yourself?”

“If a seed doesn’t grow overnight, why would you expect the same from yourself?”

121. “I don’t want my ambition to rob me of my current joy.”

“I don’t want my ambition to rob me of my current joy.”

122. “Your mind is your strongest muscle.”

“Your mind is your strongest muscle.”

123. “Shoulders down. They’re not earrings.”

“Shoulders down. They’re not earrings.”

124. “I will push you but I will never let you fall.”

“I will push you but I will never let you fall.”

125. “Because on the other side of pain is growth.”

“Because on the other side of pain is growth.”

126. “Embrace the journey, and let your ambition enhance your joy.”

“Embrace the journey, and let your ambition enhance your joy.”

127. “You have the power to create the energy around you and rise above the challenges.”

“You have the power to create the energy around you and rise above the challenges.”

Final Thoughts

Tell me, which Peloton quotes do you cherish the most? Have I missed any or misquoted them? Share your thoughts in the comments, and together, we’ll make sure this blog post stays updated!

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