Why A Recently Purged Peloton Class Was Restored? Full Story

Just last week, we informed you about the return of several Peloton classes that had previously been temporarily removed from the on-demand library for maintenance.

To refresh your memory, Peloton initially introduced class library maintenance in April, with weekly purges becoming a regular occurrence. While many classes are usually spared each week, often because they are part of featured artist series, training programs, or cherished by members, it remained a mystery why this specific set of classes was reinstated.

As it happens, one of these classes, Anna Greenberg’s 20-minute Sleep Meditation, was brought back thanks to a special request from Anna Greenberg herself. A Peloton member reached out to her, and this heartfelt plea made all the difference.

#JulesMumofgirls, who shared her story with us, explained that her 7-year-old autistic daughter had been faithfully listening to Anna’s sleep meditation for nearly a year. When the class was removed, it was a disappointment for them. They attempted other sleep meditations, but none had the same soothing effect, making it challenging for them after the class was initially taken down.

#JulesMumofgirls took the initiative to contact Peloton and share her situation, requesting the reinstatement of the class. Unfortunately, she didn’t receive a response from Peloton. So, she decided to reach out directly to Anna, even though she didn’t have high expectations, knowing that instructors likely receive numerous messages they can’t all answer.

To her surprise, Anna responded with great empathy and understanding. She assured #JulesMumofgirls that she would reach out to Peloton on her behalf. Just two days later, Anna delivered the fantastic news that the class had been successfully reinstated and was once again available in the on-demand library.

#JulesMumofgirls and her daughter were filled with joy when they saw the class reappear, and they’ve resumed their nightly meditation routine. They are deeply grateful for Anna’s kindness and dedication.

A heartfelt shout-out to #JulesMumofgirls for sharing her touching story, and a special thank you to Anna for brightening this member’s family’s life!

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