Check out Peloton’s New Mobility Classes

Peloton has introduced brand-new Mobility Collection, which is comprised of a number of mobility programs designed to expand the range of motion in joints and muscles. There are presently 13 courses available in the brand-new Peloton Mobility Collection.

The sessions cover a wide range of topics with a number of distinct emphases. Some courses focus on the whole body or just the upper body, while others concentrate on specific areas of the body, such as the spine, the wrists, the hips, the feet and ankles, and much more.

There is no information available at this time on the frequency with which Peloton may introduce new mobility courses; however, we will be sure to offer updates if and when they do.

On the Peloton app, each of these mobility courses is treated as a stretch exercise. At the moment, the classes are only visible inside the collection, and not within the on-demand collection as a whole. Adrian Williams, Ross Rayburn, Matty Maggiacomo, Hannah Corbin, Rebecca Kennedy, Andy Speer, and Logan Aldridge are the instructors in charge of leading Peloton’s mobility courses.

It would seem that these courses do not currently have their own unique badge at this time.

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