Intermediate 3 Day Split Peloton Strength Program by Erik Jager (German)

Peloton just unveiled some fresh split training plans designed especially for the Peloton enthusiasts in Germany. These courses are led by two fantastic instructors, Erik Jager and Marcel Maurer, and they’re all taught in German. Erik is your go-to for a 3-day intermediate split strength routine, and he’s got an even more challenging 5-day advanced split strength program. Meanwhile, Marcel’s got you covered with two intermediate options, a 3-day and a 5-day version of his programs. Get ready to pedal and sweat!

Program Overview (German)

Program Description

Check out the official scoop on “Erik’s Int. 3 Day Split” straight from Peloton:

“Get ready to supercharge your sweat sessions with Erik! In this week-long program, we’re diving into the world of split training to amp up your strength and bulk up those muscles. Each workout hones in on different body parts with heavier weights, helping you make those gains. Don’t forget to hit repeat and keep tabs on your fitness journey!”

Program Badges

No Peloton program is complete without those shiny badges! When you finish one class, you snag a Bronze badge. Two classes in the bag? That’s a Silver badge for you. And if you conquer all three classes in the lineup, you’re taking home the Gold badge – the ultimate achievement!

How to Join

As of the latest update, you can hop into programs through your Peloton Bike, Tread, Peloton Digital app, or the Peloton website. All you need to do is head over to the programs section, locate the Erik’s Int. 3 Day Split program, and hit that “Join” button. It’s a breeze to join, especially when you’re using the website – just click right here!

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a lineup of the weekly classes that make up the program. It’s worth mentioning that, thanks to Peloton’s program makeover, these classes are initially “locked.” You’ll unlock them as you make progress in the program. But, no worries, if you’re eager to dive into a specific class, just click on its name in the list below. From there, you can bookmark it or add it to your stack and start sweating it out right away!

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Hey there, welcome to Erik’s Int. Split, a three-day fitness journey! Get ready to amp up your Body Activity with this all-encompassing workout. It’s designed to leave you feeling charged up and totally prepared to take your fitness to the next level. Let’s do this! 💪

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