Alpha Testing For Streaming Netflix Video On Peloton Machines Starting?

Peloton Entertainment is gearing up for a significant enhancement. Soon, you’ll be able to stream Netflix videos directly on your Peloton Tread, Bike, and Row.

Update – Some users have reported spotting Netflix within Peloton Entertainment, while others can still access it through the “Apps” section, as we’ll explain below.

Update 2 – On July 28th, Peloton made a discreet change by removing Netflix from the list of apps, possibly to block this workaround.

We’ve been receiving numerous reports of people recently gaining the ability to watch Netflix on their Peloton devices. It’s important to note that this is still in its early stages, likely limited to alpha testing, as you can’t access the option through the Peloton Entertainment tab. (Peloton Entertainment initially introduced a beta version in late June, featuring Amazon Prime Video and YouTube TV, though Amazon Prime TV was temporarily removed a few weeks later.)


Interestingly, this method of loading Netflix is becoming available to some users, even if they don’t have Peloton Entertainment. What’s more, it’s accessible in multiple countries, including Canada, Germany, the UK, and Australia, in addition to the United States.

At this moment, Peloton Entertainment doesn’t offer Netflix as a direct option. Instead, you’ll need to access Netflix through the “Apps” section on your device.

Steps to Find Netflix On Peloton Currently

To locate Netflix on your Peloton, follow these simple steps:

  1. Tap on “Settings” in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap “Device Settings” found at the bottom of your menu.
  3. Select the “Apps” section on the new page.
  4. Scroll through the list and locate “Netflix,” but please note that not everyone may have this app.
  5. Once you find it, tap on the Netflix app.
  6. Click “Open” at the top-left corner, and you’re all set to enjoy Netflix on your Peloton.

Please keep in mind that not everyone will find the “Netflix” app among their list of apps.

A fascinating aspect of watching Netflix on Peloton devices is the unique design of the user interface. Unlike other Peloton Entertainment options like YouTube TV and Amazon Prime TV, where the controls for starting and stopping your workout class are at the top of the screen and your exercise stats (cadence, speed, distance, etc.) are at the bottom, Netflix does things a bit differently.

On Netflix, all the controls and stats are conveniently located on the right side of the screen. While the layout may vary, the functionality remains similar to Amazon Prime and YouTube TV. You can keep an eye on your workout stats and metrics as you exercise, and they get recorded for your reference.

Towards the bottom of the Netflix screen, you’ll find various options for managing your viewing experience. You can control the video screen, lock the screen, access the list of episodes, toggle subtitles on and off, and quickly jump to the next episode.

Similar to other Peloton Entertainment workouts, once you’ve finished your session, these workouts will appear in your profile. They are clearly labeled as “Entertainment” classes, hinting that they will soon be featured in the Peloton Entertainment section.

It’s important to mention that you might have come across reports of folks watching Netflix on Peloton before. However, this was done either through a built-in web browser or by adding an app to the device. The drawback was that you couldn’t view your workout metrics during the class, and the class wasn’t saved to your profile.

Now, the appearance of Netflix on Peloton is a seamlessly integrated experience, similar to the other Peloton Entertainment choices. A big thanks to Paul in the Run, Lift & Live group, and others for bringing this to our attention.

Are you planning to give Netflix on Peloton Entertainment a try when it becomes available?

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