Peloton Australia Hosts Meet&Greet Session on Feb 11th

As part of the festivities surrounding the debut of the Tread, Peloton will be holding a meet and greet in Sydney, Australia, with Tread instructor Jon Hosking.

The following is what the official announcement has to say:

To commemorate the long-awaited introduction of Peloton Tread in Australia, we will be holding a Member celebration in Sydney with the participation of a highly special guest, who will be Peloton’s worldwide Tread Trainer Jon Hosking.

Peloton Australia Hosts Meet&Greet Session on Feb 11th

Those who are interested are urged to send in their RSVPs well in advance of the event since there is a limit on the number of spots available. Peloton has said in the past that Jon will be present in Australia for the introduction of the Tread product.

The event is scheduled to occur at the Peloton Showroom in Sydney on February 11 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. As a result of the fact that the event is being promoted as a Peloton Running Group with Trainer Jon Hosking, we are under the impression that the event will have some time spent jogging outside.

Although Peloton launched a limited launch in January, the formal debut of The Tread in Australia is not scheduled to take place until February.

In the most recent few months, Peloton has made considerable strides in increasing the number of times they host meet-and-greet events.

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