Peloton Apparel: All You Need to Know About Peloton Clothing

The experience of working out with a Peloton bike ain’t complete without wearing Peloton clothes. You might see some instructors wearing Peloton apparel during most of the workout sessions. Why is that? What’s so special behind them? Peloton clothing isn’t merely about covering your body. Instead, it stands for doing your exercise with much comfort in mind. In addition, they are flexible, so you wouldn’t have any movement problems. In short, Peloton clothes may offer you three things: comfort, safety, and flexibility.

And what’s great is that the clothes are usable for other kinds of workouts. So, even when you’re not doing any exercises that heavily rely on Peloton bikes, the clothes will stay to protect you.

Now, we understand that there are not many articles or topics that highly focus on Pleoton clothes. And that’s the reason why people are somewhat confused about it.

Today, we want to share some things you need to know about Peloton apparel items; hopefully, these will answer your curiosity.

All You Need to Know About Peloton Clothes

1. Does a Peloton Apparel Tend to Run Small?

Yes, one of the problematic issues that people fear when choosing workout clothing is size. So how about Peloton clothes? Are they tend to be small in size?

It is fair to say the clothes are safe to wear and lean toward the small sizes. However, we know that everyone has totally different body shapes. And that’s when the fear of choosing a smaller size appears.

Many people have mentioned that Peloton sports bras tend to be smaller in size. Although it’s true, you need to know something about it. Many users may feel the bras are smaller due to the compression that offers more support than conventional bras.

To prevent the inconvenient feeling, we highly suggest picking a size up. The same is also recommendable for the leggings, the items that are also debatable for their sizes.

Some websites have gained information from legging users who said that the legging felt too tight for them. Although the design is supposedly made to fit all sizes, some people may feel smaller. So, we suggest picking a bigger size.

Instructor Tunde Onyinye
Peloton Instructor Tunde Onyinye

2. Choosing the Substitute Men’s Sizes

If you’re a woman worried about the sizing (rumored to be too small), you can always pick the men’s sizes, which can be considerably bigger. Sometimes, the shirts are filled with wise words or unique catchphrases told by famous instructors.

Shirts like these are likely to be bought by the female market, who give more care and focus toward style. If the shirt you want is out of order, then consider picking the men’s version instead.

3. Size Chart for Peloton Clothing

If you want to know about the size chart, you first need to know the brand that created the product. Please visit the official website anytime if you want to know more about Peloton clothing’s size chart.

There you can find some displayed products along with the size chart for each of them. We’ve checked the site, and all we can say is that it’s pretty intuitive and straightforward. All info is separated by the tabs, so if you want to see a specific product, it can be way easier.

4. What Kind of Brands Are Available?

As a start, Peloton has its own clothing brand. So, it’s a nice sport-and-style combo that will fit every possible market. During its growth, Peloton has collaborated with other famous brands, like Lululemon, for example. The fruit of their collaboration was loved by many, especially the Lululemon Peloton leggings.

Then, there’s Athleta, who collaborated with Peloton to make shirts, and the biggest deal yet came from the Adidas-Peloton collaboration, which created clean, elegant, and memorable sports clothing.

Instructor Ally Love
Peloton Instructor Ally Love

5. What Clothing Do the Instructors Usually Wear?

We must know that everyone has their own taste, especially in clothing. But Peloton instructors usually would wear at least one product made by Peloton. Some instructors, like Jess Sims, mentioned that they must wear at least one Peloton-branded clothes, although the company also gave them the freedom to choose what to wear.

If you see a combination of multiple brands worn simultaneously, there is no need to worry much because it’s pretty normal.

6. What Brands do Peloton Instructors Usually Wear?

Aside from the Peloton brand, some instructors do have their own loved brands. For example, the 925 Fit bras are worn by many instructors. It offers coolness through its breathable system, with a cute and neutral design, of course.

As for the shoes, they would likely use products from bigger brands like Adidas or Nike. And the legging, some instructors pick Peloton, while others pick totally different brands like GRRRL, for example.

If you want a good preference, ask for your own instructions about what they usually wear. Then, maybe, you can get a more affordable, better-quality product.

7. Can You Buy Peloton Clothing in The Store?

Of course! Where else can you buy it? Peloton does have its own showroom and store. They can be accessed both offline and online; pick which is preferable for you. If you decide to go to their online store, you don’t have to travel many miles to get your products. See their complete catalog right from your own comfy house, and order one if you like.

However, buying at the offline store does have its own advantages. For example, you can try the clothing first, see whether it’s suitable for you or not. Plus, if you have any questions, the staff will always be there to help you out.

We highly recommend buying from Peloton stores, despite which method you want to use.

Peloton Apparel
Peloton Instructor Cody Rigsby

8. The Century Club Shirt Sizing

Users can always get a free shirt from Peloton. Yes, without paying even a single penny. All you have to do is to complete 100 sessions in any category. Whether it’s cycling, running, or strength, it doesn’t matter.

Once you complete it, you’ll get a notification along with the instructions to obtain the century club shirt.

Before actually talking about the sizes, we want to tell you about the short guide to obtaining the shirt. First off, complete 100 workouts from one category. Remember, this only applies to all-access members.

You can get this shirt for free after you finish those workouts. So, you don’t have to pay for anything, especially the delivery fee. Peloton supposedly made the program to encourage people to keep going and always dare to reach their goals. Surely, this marketing strategy is highly praised by many; it’s such a clever way to make more people do more workouts.

And about the sizing, see the below tables:

Sizing for Women

peloton apparel size chart

Sizing for Men

peloton clothing size chart

9. Can I Buy Peloton Apparel on Sale?

Surely! In fact, it’s probably the best way you can buy it. When the market shows a sign of a slowdown, you may use the opportunity to buy Peloton Apparel at a discounted price. People who want to know the brand for the first time might be surprised, knowing that the apparel price is very high. The reason why it could be expensive? We couldn’t answer that here.

What’s important is that Peloton sells its products to the proper market. The kind of market that is always enthusiastic about Peloton and all the stuff that surrounds it. There’s a segmentation of people who want to buy a pair of bras for more than $50. For them, it’s nothing. And that’s what fans do, right?

Aside from the above example, more people think that the price might seem slightly too frightening. Thus, buying clothing on sale is always a preferable option. It doesn’t matter whether the product has been launched for a year or it has been really outdated. The quality and authenticity remain as long as we get the products from Peloton.

If you want to check what’s on sale, check this link.

Peloton Apparel
Peloton Instructor Aditi Shah

10. When Can I Expect the New Peloton Apparel Additions?

The one who can answer this question is the company itself. We, as consumers, normally couldn’t understand this (except obtaining inside information through cybersecurity attacks, which is highly illegal). However, some fans always want to speculate on things and make a hypothesis based on a tiny bit of information.

And just like guessing always is, sometimes it’s true. For example, bloggers and influencers often check in Peloton stores excessively. So sometimes they see something new, which is probably the new addition the people are always waiting for. And when they share it on their social media, that’s when you know the new addition is coming up.

But other than that? We’re still waiting.

11. What Are the Seasonal Peloton Clothing Lines?

Like many other fashion brands, Peloton also has its own seasonal collections. However, since it’s now October 2022, you may expect to see their Fall collections, which are already uploaded to their official websites.

Seasonal clothing lines always bring something new that suits every condition. In summer, you may expect more open clothing that’s breathable and sweat-absorbant. However, since it can be quite windy in Fall, Peloton added some things that may protect you from the weather condition but still keep you in style.

Aside from the seasonal collections, Peloton also released special themed clothing that’s released on special occasions.

12. Why Is Peloton Clothing Always Sold Out?

Peloton clothing is a popular item. Thus, unfortunately, stocks can be sold pretty quickly, and that’s the reason why many fans are frustrated. The fitness firm can sometimes totally sell the supply within minutes, which is wild.

There are some reasons why this can happen. First is the inventory problem. Peloton simply doesn’t have enough storage to store more supplies. And thus, when the supply is sold, the brand doesn’t have the time to resupply the items.

However, this is unlikely the reason for seeing how big and popular the company is. The main reason is probably that the demands are simply uncontrollable. As we mentioned before, some fans want to support the company by always buying its products. Therefore, no matter how expensive it is, they will always buy the item.

13. Is There Any Other Place for Buying Peloton Clothing?

Sure, aside from the official stores, there are some options you may refer to. For example, people can re-sell their Peloton clothing on the internet using either a website or marketplace.

Simply visit one of the popular marketplaces you can find on the internet, search for the item you want to buy, and pick one with the highest reviews.

14. About the Peloton Clothing Brand

Aside from creating sports-related items, Peloton has now grown its capacity as a brand by making apparel that could satisfy the user’s needs. In terms of style, Peloton approaches by using mostly neutral colors that are in high demand. Surely, people will look for clothing that isn’t striking to the eye.

And talking about the store, we think Peloton already provided a nice way to sell their products. The website is intuitive enough, and everything is clear to see. You can easily switch between collections by clicking the tabs. If you want to buy products on sale, simply click the Sale tab.

Peloton Apparel
Cody Rigsby

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Peloton Apparel

Q. What Headbands Brand that Christine D’Ercole Wears?

Christine D’Ercole is indeed a fascinating instructor, and that could be the reason why many people are wondering things about her. One of those things is about what kind of headbands she usually wears.

Headbands will suit people with long hair, such as her, and the brand she usually wears is Sweaty Bands. These bands look interesting not only on the look but also the features; These are anti-slip bands that everyone can get on Amazon. She usually wears headbands that match her outfit.

Q: How do Peloton apparel returns work if I used a referral credit?

In the scenario where you opt to return an item acquired through referral credit, a new referral credit code will be issued to you. This new code will correspond to the value of the items you are returning. It’s probable that you’ll need to contact our support team to facilitate the issuance of your updated code.

Q: Can I buy something from the Peloton Apparel store in another country?

Indeed, the option exists to place orders for items originating from a different country. This could be due to the unavailability of desired items in one particular country or the exclusivity of an item to that specific region. However, this process might necessitate the utilization of a third-party service, or alternatively, arranging for shipment to a friend who can then forward it to your location.

Q: How is the quality of items in the Peloton apparel store?

The level of quality can vary, often falling into a hit-or-miss spectrum. While a portion of individuals experience no problems with their clothing, there are instances where the branding on items begins to deteriorate after just one instance of wear or wash. Should you encounter any complications with your apparel, it’s worth noting that certain individuals have found success by getting in touch with Peloton support. This avenue has been reported to yield positive outcomes, including the possibility of securing a refund or arranging for an exchange.

Q: Does sizing run true to size for Peloton clothing items?

The situation varies depending on the specific brand in question. Given the sheer multitude of brands available, providing a universal statement on this matter proves to be challenging.

Q: What sort of warranty is on Peloton clothing items from the Official boutique?

In lieu of a specific warranty offered on products within the apparel store, Peloton rely on their return policy as a means of recourse.

Q: Why is there a limit of 5 items of a certain Peloton Apparel type per order?

Peloton implemented this restriction with the aim of curbing both reselling activities and the rapid depletion of item stocks. However, many individuals often circumvent this limitation by placing multiple orders.

Q: I want to return my Peloton Apparel. What do I do?

Indeed, With the exception of final sale items, the Peloton apparel return policy stands at 30 days. It’s crucial to bear in mind that you shouldn’t wear or wash the Peloton clothing items that you wish to return. Additionally, please be aware that the initial shipping charges are non-refundable. To initiate your Peloton apparel return or exchange, you can conveniently visit In the event that you encounter challenges in utilizing the Peloton Apparel returns center, don’t hesitate to respond to this email, allowing the team to assist you in starting the return process. Notably, any returns for orders made using referral credit must be processed exclusively through Peloton’s Support Team.

Q: I want to return a ‘Peloton Apparel Gift’. How do I do that?

Peloton is more than willing to provide aid for gift returns! For this purpose, we encourage you to get in touch with their Support team, reachable either through their live chat or by emailing Their dedicated representatives are truly exceptional and will readily offer their assistance. To facilitate this process, it would be helpful to provide them with relevant order information, such as the email address or number associated with the Peloton Apparel purchase.

It’s important to note that their standard procedure involves refunding returns to the original form of payment. However, in the case of gift returns, they go the extra mile. Upon starting a gift return, they will send you a return label, making it convenient for you to send the item back to them. Once the item has been received and the return process completed on their end, they will promptly issue a gift card, finalizing the transaction.

Q: Can I exchange my order instead of returning it?

Given the rapid turnover of their inventory, regrettably, Peloton Apparel does not offer exchanges.

Q: How long does it take for me to get a refund?

Should the refund be directed towards a credit card, the timing of its completion could vary. Depending on the policies of your specific credit card company, there might be an additional span of 2-10 Business Days necessary for the credit to be fully processed and reflected in your account.

Should any queries remain unaddressed in this guide, please don’t hesitate to inform us. We’re eager to assist and will promptly incorporate any new questions into the guide for comprehensive clarity!

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