Peloton Releases 2 New Strength Programs in 2023 January

In January, Peloton will add not one but two new strength programs to the Guide. Rebecca Kennedy recently shared a video on Instagram in which she and Ben Alldis, another instructor, appear together.

Peloton Releases 2 New Strength Programs in 2023 January

They said that we are SO happy for our new Strength programs that will be available exclusively on Peloton Guide beginning in early January of 2023. This is the ideal present for the holiday season!

Peloton Releases 2 New Strength Programs in 2023 January

At the beginning of the next month, users may anticipate the addition of two additional strength courses that can be downloaded on demand from the Guide. Even though the video refers to the exclusive nature of the Guide programs, we anticipate that they will be made accessible to all members after seven weeks, as has been the case with previous Guide program launches.

Over a month, Rebecca will lead a program called “Straight to the Core” that will concentrate on strengthening participants’ abdominal muscles. The “Stronger You” program, which Ben will instruct and which will take place for four weeks, will emphasize the development of strength and endurance over the whole of the body.

Ben’s Intermediate 5-Day Program was first made accessible to the Guide back in October, and only just made its way into the hands of all of the members.

Update: By January 9th, these two programs will be made accessible to the Peloton Guide. This implies that on February 20th, they will be accessible to all members.

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