Peloton Introduced New Webpage for Year Review Stats, the Cooldown

On December 15th, Peloton launched its new website, which features a year in review. It is referred to as The Cooldown, and it provides members with an overview of their activity on Peloton over the previous year.

The statistics are presented for the period beginning in December and ending in December instead of the calendar year of 2022. To be more specific, this indicates that you should anticipate the statistics that are provided to cover the period beginning December 1, 2021, and ending December 1, 2022.

Although this is disappointing news, it does imply that you will not be able to participate in any more exercises that count toward the Cooldown for the remainder of this year. In Peloton’s “The Annual” competition, there is still time for you to log more minutes and bring your total closer to reaching the goal you have set for yourself.

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