Peloton Removed Most of the Classes Featuring Kanye West

It appears that the bulk of the lessons on Peloton that included music from Kanye West has been removed from the site.

In the early hours of the morning of December 6th, Peloton carried out a rather major class purge, which ultimately resulted in the removal of more than 500 courses from the on-demand library. It was unknown at the time what the purge was linked to since the classes that were eliminated varied, and there was no readily obvious trend.

 Class Total after Kanye West class purgeApproximate Number of Classes Removed% of Library Removed for Class Type
Bike Bootcamp269206.9%
Tread Bootcamp996837.7%
Outdoor450112.4% Kanye West Peloton classes purge stats

Some of the group’s members were under the impression that the first elimination was connected to Kanye West’s music library.  At the end of October, Peloton announced that they will no longer play any of West’s songs in any new courses that were offered on the platform. However, they did not mention the elimination of the prior courses. However, even after the first overnight purge, if you entered West’s name into the search field, you would still be able to view over a thousand different class results.

Peloton Removed Most of the Classes Featuring Kanye West

On December 9th, 2022, there was yet another little culling that took occurred inside Peloton that was connected to songs by Kanye West. It seems that some of the remaining courses that had Kanye West songs on the platform were eliminated as a result of this action.

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