Intermediate 3 Day Split Peloton Strength Program by Jermaine Johnson

Peloton has just rolled out its second set of split training strength programs for the Peloton Guide. Among these, Jermaine Johnson is leading one of the second strength training programs. He’s set to conduct three classes each week, and each class runs for a brisk 30 minutes. This program is tailored for those at an intermediate fitness level.

These split strength programs are short and sweet, spanning just one week each, and they all have a dedicated instructor guiding you through. They vary in length, offering between 3 to 5 workouts. The beauty of these programs is that they’re meant to be repeated, allowing you to closely monitor your progress and celebrate your improvements. Plus, there’s an added incentive of earning badges when you complete the classes as part of the program.

Program Overview

Program Description

Discover Jermaine Johnson’s Intermediate 3-Day Split Strength Program, as officially described by Peloton: “Join JJ for a fitness journey that takes split training to the next level. Over the course of a week, you’ll boost your strength and sculpt those muscles by lifting heavier weights and focusing on different body areas in each workout. Keep going, keep an eye on your progress, and watch those gains stack up.”

Program Badges

No Peloton program is complete without badges. When you finish one class, you get a Bronze badge. Finish two, and you’ll proudly wear a Silver badge. And if you complete all three classes, you’ll earn the prestigious Gold badge.

Class List & Schedule

Here’s a lineup of the weekly classes in our program. These fresh programs will stay exclusive to the Peloton Guide for approximately 7 weeks. If you don’t have a Guide, you can look forward to these classes becoming available around December 5, 2022. Unlike before, these new programs are more firmly set when they’re released.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to Jermaine’s Int. 3 Day Split! Get ready to ignite your body’s activity with a week of split training that targets your entire body and keeps you coming back for more.

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