Peloton App Tiers: Members Will Be Migrated to App One Once Legacy Period Ends

Peloton has unveiled their strategy for transitioning Peloton App users from their older plans by the end of the year. All users will automatically move to App One, and they’ll have the option to upgrade to the pricier App+ plan.

Not long ago, Peloton introduced their fresh App tiers: Peloton App Free, Peloton App One, and Peloton App+. If you signed up for the Peloton app membership before May 23, 2023, you are considered a “Peloton App Legacy” user. This means you’ll have access to App+ without paying the $24 per month fee until December 5, 2023. For those who purchased an annual subscription between December 2022 and February 2023, you can switch to one of the new tiers before your yearlong subscription ends.

Until now, what would happen to your subscription after the legacy pricing ended wasn’t entirely clear. Peloton has now shed light on this through a new support page and social media announcements.

On the support page, they’ve clarified that once the legacy period concludes, members will transition to the mid-tier App One plan, priced at $12.99 USD per month. At that juncture, members can opt to upgrade to the pricier App+ plan, which costs $24 per month. This upgrade will restore all the features and classes they enjoyed with the Peloton Legacy plan.

Members may not have the option to upgrade or downgrade until their legacy period concludes. By moving people to App One, Peloton ensures that no one is automatically moved to a more expensive plan. Individuals will have to actively choose this, thereby being aware of the price increase.

The support page states:

If you purchased a Peloton App Membership before May 23rd, 2023, via, you’ll get Peloton App+ access at the same cost as Peloton App One ($12.99 per month) until a specified date. While in this period, you won’t have the option to change your Peloton App Membership.

Once this legacy period ends, your membership will automatically switch to a Peloton App One Membership. At that point, you can decide to upgrade to a Peloton App+ Membership for $24 per month.

Peloton App Tiers Members Will Be Migrated to App One Once Legacy Period Ends

Peloton has also recently posted a similar message on the Official Peloton Member Page on Facebook, explaining what will occur when the grace period for legacy app users comes to an end:

As an existing App Member, you’ll enjoy a 6-month legacy period during which you’ll retain access to all the content and features of the App+ Membership for just $12.99 USD. However, by December 5th, you’ll need to make a choice regarding your Membership.

If you take no action before December 5th, your Membership will automatically shift to an App One Membership, with a monthly charge of $12.99 USD for the App One plan, until you decide to cancel. We’ll send you reminders about these options before your Membership is downgraded.

You can handle this process by going to Please note that these changes are applicable to App-only Members and not those with an All-Access Membership. To understand the distinctions between the App Memberships and the All-Access Membership, we recommend visiting:

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!

Peloton App Tiers Members Will Be Migrated to App One Once Legacy Period Ends

Simply put, if you’re an app user and don’t make a choice, your app membership will remain as App One. To access App+ and keep enjoying your current content, you must explicitly opt in and agree to the $24 per month fee.

App One comes at a cost of $12.99 per month, or you can pay $129 for the whole year (which is like getting two months for free). This pricing matches what the app membership used to be before the introduction of the new tiers. App One users can access most Peloton classes, except for those that require a hardware device like a Bike, Tread, or Row. App One users will be limited to three hardware-based classes each month. For more details on the new tiers, you can find additional information in our overview article.

Just a friendly reminder, the new App tiers won’t affect All-Access members, as they continue to pay the $44 per month for access to Peloton content on their hardware devices.

Peloton has assured members that they’ll receive reminders regarding these changes leading up to the December 5th deadline, and members can also check their membership details at

For those of you who are Peloton App members, what’s your plan when your legacy period ends? Are you considering upgrading to App+, switching back to App One, or perhaps thinking about canceling your membership? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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