Rebecca Kennedy Shares What She Eats in a Week

Figuring out how to properly fuel your body while training for a half- or full marathon can be quite a challenge. Now, imagine if your job involved not only running but also performing in front of a massive audience. This is the life of Rebecca Kennedy, the master trainer for Peloton Tread.

Rebecca, a holistic fitness trainer, not only teaches Peloton Tread classes where she runs alongside her students but also engages in her own rigorous workout routine. Her personal workouts include upper body strength training, boxing sessions, and even dance classes. Given the intensity of her fitness regimen, one may wonder what fuels her energy and keeps her strong. Lucky for us, Rebecca goes beyond just talking about it—she shows us.

For an entire week, Rebecca meticulously tracked all her workouts and meals, including snacks. In this exclusive reveal, we get a glimpse into her food diary. Rebecca’s approach to nutrition is refreshingly simple: “I choose whole foods that are in season, locally sourced, and consume them intuitively and mindfully,” she shares. According to her, food is not just sustenance but something to be enjoyed and celebrated. She firmly believes that life is too short for restrictive diets, instead opting for foods that nourish her from the inside out and make her feel good.

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Schedule: Today’s schedule includes teaching a 30-minute Interval Run class, followed by a 10-minute Arms+Shoulders class, and ending with a 90-minute dance class.

Breakfast: To kickstart her day, Rebecca wakes up at 7 a.m. and begins with eight ounces of hot water infused with organic lime juice and sea salt. An hour later, she enjoys a cup of coffee with a boost of Promix Nutrition coconut collagen and MCT oil. By 9:30 a.m., she hydrates herself with water mixed with Promix BCAA protein powder in preparation for her teaching sessions.

Post-workout snack: After teaching her classes, Rebecca treats herself to a revitalizing smoothie. She blends one scoop of chai Xymogen protein powder, a banana, four cups of blueberries, two cups of spinach, half a cup of unsweetened oat milk, and half a cup of water.

Lunch: For lunch, Rebecca indulges in a satisfying meal packed with protein and fiber. She enjoys scrambled eggs, an English muffin, sauerkraut, and a side of broccoli rice.

Workout drink: During her 90-minute dance class, Rebecca stays hydrated with water infused with Promix BCAA.

Post-workout snack: After the dance class, Rebecca satisfies her hunger with some fresh fruit, particularly passion fruit, as a temporary fix until dinner.

Dinner: Tonight’s dinner consists of roasted broccoli and butternut squash, accompanied by poached salmon. Rebecca admits that she was so famished that she devoured the broccoli before remembering to take a photo for her food diary. As a delightful addition, she enjoys a glass of white wine on the side. Later in the evening, a few hours after dinner, she ends her day with another 16 ounces of hot water infused with lime juice and sea salt, mirroring her morning routine.


Schedule: Today’s schedule includes teaching a 20-minute Run class, followed by a 20-minute Bodyweight Strength class. Afterward, Rebecca attends a physical therapy session and ends her day with a 45-minute boxing class.

Breakfast: Rebecca’s day begins at 5:15 a.m. with her customary morning drink of water infused with lime juice and sea salt. Around 6 a.m., she prepares her coconut collagen-MCT oil coffee. Before commencing her teaching sessions, she hydrates herself with a glass of water containing Promix BCAAs.

Post-workout snack: After completing her classes, Rebecca replenishes her energy with a recovery smoothie, using the same ingredients as she did on Sunday.

Lunch: During her visit to physical therapy, Rebecca prepares a satisfying lunch consisting of scrambled eggs and a fried egg white. She pairs them with three strips of vegan tempeh bacon, sauerkraut, and a serving of broccoli rice. The broccoli rice is enhanced with the delightful flavor of Everything But The Bagel seasoning. After lunch, she quenches her thirst with 16 ounces of water.

Workout drink: Throughout her intense boxing class, Rebecca stays hydrated by consuming water infused with BCAAs.

Dinner: Upon returning home, Rebecca prepares baked chicken and serves it with leftover roasted butternut squash and roasted broccoli from a previous meal. Accompanying her dinner is a refreshing lemon Spindrift beverage. Later in the evening, she indulges in a glass of wine. Before heading to bed, she enjoys her usual hot water infused with lime juice and sea salt, which has become a comforting bedtime ritual.


Schedule: Participating in a Pilates reformer class; leading a 45-minute Pop Run session.

Morning Beverage: As part of my usual routine, I kickstart my day with a cup of coffee blended with collagen and MCT oil. Additionally, I indulge in a refreshing concoction of hot water infused with lime juice and sea salt. Prior to my workout, I hydrate myself with water mixed with BCAAs.

Post-workout Refreshment: Following my Pilates session, I prepare my go-to smoothie, combining chai protein, banana, and spinach.

Midday Meal: For lunch, I relish a delectable combination of leftover chicken breast seasoned with rosemary, accompanied by two fried eggs. Alongside this, I savor three strips of vegan bacon, an English muffin, and a serving of sauerkraut. A few hours later, I quench my thirst with a lime-flavored Spindrift, followed by a lemon-infused La Croix.

Afternoon Snack: A couple of hours after lunch, I quench my thirst with a generous glass of water (non-seltzer) and indulge in a serving of watermelon sprinkled with toasted rosemary sea salt and poppy seeds.

Pre-Workout Beverage: Before commencing my 45-minute Pop Run class, I hydrate myself with water infused with BCAAs.

Evening Meal: I rendezvous with some friends at Charlie Bird for dinner. I opt for a farro salad, clams, branzino, and harissa carrots. To share the delightful flavors, I split the meal with a companion. Throughout the evening, I enjoy both water and wine. Upon returning home, I savor my customary hot water infused with lime and sea salt, and also treat myself to a bottle of ginger kombucha.


Schedule: Engaging in a 20-minute workout on the Stall Bar; attending a 45-minute bootcamp class focusing on full-body exercises; going for a 10-minute run.

Morning Beverage: To kick off the day, she savors a cup of coffee enriched with coconut collagen and MCT oil.

Post-workout Refreshment: Following her brief workout session, she enjoys her customary chai smoothie and indulges in a slice of dairy-free veggie frittata.

Midday Meal: Her lunch consists of a delightful combination of chicken, eggs, tempeh bacon, an English muffin, and sauerkraut. Similar to the previous day, she pairs this meal with a refreshing lemon-flavored La Croix.

Afternoon Snack: A few hours later, she satiates her hunger with a serving of Siggi’s 0% plain yogurt accompanied by raw pistachios and a ripe fig. Preparing for her evening workout, she also consumes water infused with BCAAs.

Dinner: Following her bootcamp class and a subsequent 10-minute cool down run, she returns home and relishes grilled chicken breast while sipping on a lime-infused Spindrift. A couple of hours later, still feeling peckish, she enjoys baked cod, roasted asparagus, and another Spindrift flavor, this time lemon.

Dessert: When a craving for something sweet arises, she satisfies it by indulging in four ounces of 85-percent dark chocolate. Alongside this treat, she pairs her hot water infused with lime juice and sea salt.


Schedule: Enjoying a well-deserved day off with no specific commitments.

Morning Routine: Embracing the opportunity to sleep in, she awakens at 9:30 a.m. and begins her day by savoring a warm cup of hot water infused with lime juice. Alongside this, she relishes her customary coffee blended with collagen and MCT oil. To accompany her morning beverages, she indulges in two delectable slices of dairy-free veggie frittata topped with pico de gallo.

Midday Meal: Since she had a substantial breakfast, she finds herself less hungry when lunchtime arrives. Consequently, she opts for an English muffin spread generously with peanut butter and garnished with fresh raspberries.

Evening Meal: As dinnertime approaches, she prepares a satisfying meal by repurposing leftover baked cod. She pairs the flavorful fish with a dollop of olive tapenade and a serving of roasted asparagus, resulting in a simple yet delicious dinner.

Dessert: Despite feeling content after dinner, she still craves a little something sweet. To satiate her desire, she indulges in a Hu dark chocolate bar and relishes two spoonfuls of almond butter, thoroughly satisfying her taste buds. Before retiring for the night, she adheres to her usual nighttime routine by enjoying a comforting cup of hot water infused with lime juice.


Schedule: Conducting a 30-minute Run class and subsequently leading a 15-minute Arms+Shoulders class.

Morning Beverage: Despite the early hour, as she needs to teach early in the day, she remains committed to her morning routine. She wakes up at 4 a.m. and indulges in her customary hot water infused with lime juice. Additionally, she enjoys a cup of coffee enriched with coconut collagen and MCT oil, along with a glass of water mixed with BCAAs to prepare for her upcoming class.

Post-workout Refreshment: With her teaching responsibilities completed, she treats herself to a revitalizing smoothie, following her usual recipe.

Second Breakfast: Still feeling hungry after her smoothie, she satisfies her appetite by enjoying a slice of leftover dairy-free veggie frittata, accompanied by three strips of vegan bacon and a slice of bread.

Midday Snack: As noon approaches, she experiences hunger pangs and decides to have an orange as a light snack to keep her satiated until lunchtime.

Lunch: Opting for a convenient and flavorful option, she procures a tuna poke bowl with avocado from a nearby grab-and-go eatery.

Dinner: For her evening meal, she indulges in the remaining leftovers from a previous dinner, consisting of chicken alongside roasted broccoli and butternut squash.

Dessert: As someone with a sweet tooth, she satisfies her craving by savoring two squares of a Hu dark chocolate bar. Alongside this treat, she enjoys her customary hot water infused with lime juice.


Schedule: Embarking on an 8-mile run, including 10 challenging hill repeats.

Morning Meal: Allowing herself to sleep in until 8:30 a.m., she begins her day by preparing her customary morning beverages. Alongside this, she creates delicious protein pancakes using a combination of one egg, one banana, a scoop of chai protein powder, a splash of unsweetened hazelnut milk, and a tablespoon of gluten-free flour. To enhance the flavor, she adds a handful of blueberries. Completing her breakfast, she enjoys an egg and two strips of tempeh bacon, ensuring she is well-fueled for her long run. Before leaving, she quickly drinks a glass of water infused with BCAAs.

Post-workout Refreshment: After completing her run, she prepares a distinctive smoothie that differs from her weekday routines. This particular blend consists of Norcal organic pea protein, unsweetened hazelnut milk, a quarter cup of raspberries, Power Greens, ashwagandha, pure vanilla extract, and two cups of spinach. Although the ingredients are plentiful, the resulting flavor is delightful. A few hours later, feeling a touch weary, she indulges in an iced americano for a refreshing pick-me-up.

Midday Meal: Enjoying a late lunch, she opts to consume the leftover chicken, roasted broccoli, and butternut squash available at home. She pairs this satisfying meal with a lime-flavored Spindrift.

Dinner: Seeking another source of quality protein, she relishes a serving of white fish ceviche for her evening meal. Accompanying this delicious dish, she enjoys yet another lime-infused Spindrift.

Evening Snack: Around 10 p.m., she indulges in a handful of pistachios and complements it with a glass of white wine. Following this evening treat, she prepares her customary hot water to wind down and heads to bed.

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