New Peloton Tread+ Will Be Available to Pre-Order Soon (Cost ~$6,000 USD) 

Earlier today, Peloton unveiled their quarterly financial results along with an investor letter. In the letter, Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy shared updates on the Peloton Tread+, specifically regarding its price and release date. 

Peloton had previously announced in November that the Tread+ would be priced at $5,995. However, McCarthy, in his letter, revealed a more concrete update on the pricing. He anticipated that the revised Peloton Tread+ would be priced around $6,000. His exact statement read: “Retail pricing for new sales of Tread+ CFUs with the new rear guard is expected to be approximately $6,000.” 

Before being recalled from the market, the Tread+ was initially priced at $4,295. With the upcoming re-release, the price is expected to increase by approximately $1,500 to $2,000, depending on the final retail pricing. 

For those weighing options between the Tread+ and the Tread, a comprehensive comparison of the two can be found here. As of now, the newer Tread is priced at $2,995, indicating that the Tread+ will be nearly double the cost, or $3,000 more than the Tread upon its return to the market. 

Peloton has not yet clarified whether they will introduce a trade-in program for Tread owners interested in purchasing the Tread+. 

Peloton has additionally emailed certain members, informing them about the revised pricing. The message highlighted that the price adjustment aims to mirror the “premium nature” of the Tread+. 

We’re thrilled to announce some positive updates about Tread+. Following the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s approval of the rear guard design, Peloton intends to recommence Tread+ sales during this holiday season, with initial deliveries set for early 2024. The anticipated new price for Tread+ is approximately $6,000. We have modified the Tread+ pricing to align with its premium features. 

McCarthy provided a projection regarding when new members could buy the Tread+. He mentioned that the company anticipates restarting pre-sales for the sought-after Tread+ in the United States during the upcoming holiday season, with the initial shipments expected to occur approximately six weeks later. 

Peloton has made changes to the Tread+ landing page, incorporating the following wording (affiliate link). The updated page currently states: 

“We’re reintroducing the ultimate workout experience. The Tread+ will be available for purchase this holiday season, with deliveries scheduled for early 2024.” 

This information corresponds with the content of the letter, in which McCarthy mentioned that the initial 10,000 Tread+ units sold would be satisfied from existing inventory and shipped approximately six weeks after pre-orders commence. Following the sale of the first 10,000 units, Peloton will need to resume manufacturing new devices; however, no estimated delivery date has been provided for this second batch of Tread+ units. 

The email to members also conveyed that the installation of the Tread+ rear guard for existing owners would not commence until early 2024, a slight delay from their previous estimate of the year’s end. 

The complete message to members stated: 

We have exciting updates to share about Tread+. With the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s approval of the rear guard design, Peloton intends to recommence Tread+ sales this holiday season, and the initial deliveries are set for early 2024. The anticipated new price for Tread+ is around $6,000, reflecting its premium features. 

While we’re eager to reintroduce this cherished product, our top priority remains the safety of current Tread+ owners. New Tread+ unit deliveries will not begin until our field retrofit campaign is well underway. We now anticipate the first rear guard installations to occur in January 2024. 

Our Supply Chain and Field Service teams are actively working to manufacture the rear guard and expand our service networks with specialists for prompt installations. If you haven’t registered for your free rear guard and professional in-home installation, please visit For those who have registered, we appreciate your ongoing patience. 

Upon resuming sales, we’ll have a limited number of Tread+ units based on existing inventory. Once this quantity is sold, there will be a period before we can manufacture more Tread+ units to meet additional demand. 

Just a heads-up, the Tread+ got recalled in May 2021 and hasn’t been up for sale since. The CPSC approved a rear guard fix, but McCarthy suggested that sales might not kick in again until early 2024. If you’re part of the recall, you can send back your Tread+ to Peloton and snag a full refund. They extended the return deadline to November 2023. 

Check out the complete statement from Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy about the Tread+ re-release in the Q4 2023 shareholder letter: 

I’d like to share the progress we’re making to enhance safety for existing Tread+ Members and reintroduce one of our favorite products. In the last quarter, the Consumer Product Safety Commission approved our design for a new rear guard for the popular Tread+. This approval allows us to start retrofitting existing Tread+ products later this year, making them safer for our Members. Peloton will install the rear guard for Members upon request, and we’ve received 17 thousand requests so far. We plan to resume pre-sales of the Tread+ in the US during this holiday season, with the first shipments expected about 6 weeks later. The retail price for new Tread+ CFUs with the rear guard is anticipated to be around $6 thousand. Initial shipments will be from our existing inventory of about 10 thousand units. Once that inventory is sold, we’ll establish a new manufacturing line to bring the Tread+ back for both residential and commercial customers. It’s too early in the planning process to estimate the first delivery dates. 

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