Winners of The Peloton Leaderboard Awards In LA

One of the highlights of Peloton On Tour, which serves as a replacement for Peloton Homecoming, happening from July to December 2023 in five cities, is the exciting Leaderboard Awards. In this post, we’ll introduce you to the outstanding community members who secured these awards and provide some insights into each of them.

The Leaderboard Awards offer a chance for local Peloton members to gain well-deserved recognition from both Peloton and the instructor team. Any Peloton user can put forth a nomination for a fellow member residing in the specific metro area of the tour stop. The inaugural event in Los Angeles set the stage for the first-ever Leaderboard Awards of Peloton on Tour, where eight remarkable members received recognition and applause.

Members had the opportunity to submit their nominations through a Peloton Qualtrics form until June 26. There were five distinct categories available to guide nominations and outline the criteria for these prestigious awards.

Peloton Leaderboard Awards List In 2023

  • Neighborhood Hero – suggest someone who has truly made a difference by fostering a tight-knit Peloton community in their area, like your favorite group leader.
  • Online Cheerleader – put forward a member who consistently and warmly interacts with our Peloton family on social media.
  • Fitness Pal – recommend a member who has introduced one or more friends to the Peloton community with fantastic outcomes.
  • Resilience Champion – propose a member who has bounced back from a tough period or a dip in engagement, and has made a triumphant return.
  • Surprise Star – If you know someone who shines bright in the Peloton world but doesn’t quite fit into these categories, go ahead and nominate them anyway!

Peloton proudly posted an Instagram highlight reel featuring moments from the event:

Unforgettable memories were created at our inaugural Peloton on Tour Leaderboard Awards

We cherished the opportunity to honor our LA-area members 🌴 Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories with us! AD Curious to learn more about the outstanding achievers on the Los Angeles Leaderboard? So were we!

We reached out to all the award winners, and they generously allowed us to share their remarkable stories with the Peloton community.


Winners of The Peloton Leaderboard Awards in Los Angeles Peloton on Tour

Champ of The Comeback Peloton Leaderboard Award Winners in Los Angeles

The inaugural recipient of an award is Kristi Galarneau, who earned the prestigious Champ of the Comeback accolade. In 2017, Kristi faced a harrowing challenge when her 13-year-old daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer. This adversity led to her daughter enduring 18 rounds of chemotherapy, a major surgery to safeguard her leg, and a grueling 15 months confined to a wheelchair.

Kristi described those subsequent three years as a constant struggle for survival. However, in January 2021, she made a resolute commitment to rediscover herself and her joy. One of the ways she achieved this was by dedicating at least 30 minutes every day to cycling. Initially, she used a cycling app, but in October 2022, she invested in her own Peloton Bike.

Her dedication paid off, and by March of the same year, she had completed her first 100-mile ride. Since then, she has conquered eight more such challenging rides. With over 1800 rides under her belt, Kristi has undergone a remarkable transformation and feels like a brand-new person. She candidly states, “My daughter’s battle with cancer shattered me, but my Peloton played a pivotal role in helping me piece my life back together.”

You can track Kristi’s inspiring journey on the leaderboard at #Four4me or follow her on Instagram at @_she_flies_with_her_own_wings_.

Friend Of Fitness Peloton Leaderboard Award Winners In Los Angeles

Our next honoree is Shannon Sims, who has been recognized with the Friend of Fitness award. Shannon’s nomination comes from her niece, who holds a deep appreciation for Shannon’s support in raising her, all while managing her own family of three children.

During a difficult period of postpartum depression, Shannon displayed incredible kindness by gifting her niece a life-changing Bike+. Her niece credits this gesture with preserving her mental well-being and significantly improving her life. Shannon herself boasts an impressive 285-week streak of consistent fitness activities, showcasing her dedication to personal wellness.

Despite the geographical distance that separates them, Shannon and her niece continue to motivate each other. Shannon’s lifelong commitment to giving back is evident in her volunteer work at her church and her selfless efforts in driving cancer patients to their chemotherapy appointments. She consistently goes above and beyond for her family and friends.

If you want to connect with Shannon, you can find her on the leaderboard at @shannon_sims.

Social Media Star Peloton Leaderboard Award Winners In Los Angeles

Let’s take a moment to celebrate Jess Menardy, our next award recipient. Jess has been honored with the Social Media Star award for her remarkable contributions. Her community put her forward for recognition because of the incredible space she has created, where everyone feels valued and understood, free from any worries about judgment.

Jess holds a deep respect for the effort that goes into crafting Peloton’s classes. She acknowledges the dedication involved in planning, curating playlists, and choreographing movements. Jess is committed to making sure this hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. On her platform, she shares her daily workouts and encourages everyone to embrace an active lifestyle. But it’s not just about moving our bodies; Jess also emphasizes the importance of kindness and compassion towards one another.

Moreover, Jess is a staunch advocate for Black-owned small businesses. She uses her platform and her voice to shine a spotlight on these enterprises. You can find Jess leading the way on the Peloton leaderboard under the tag #JDMenardy or catch up with her on Instagram by following @JessMenardy.

Our next honoree is the incredible Nancy Andersen Hamilton, who has also been honored with the Social Media Star award. Nancy is the driving force behind PELOTALK, a captivating social media account dedicated to Peloton workouts, class recommendations, and a delightful celebration of all things Peloton. She also hosts an engaging podcast that delves deep into the stories of Peloton community members.

Nancy possesses a remarkable talent for discovering unique and passionate individuals who are dedicated to their fitness journeys. She not only connects with them online but also enjoys building real-life friendships with them. Her love for podcasts inspired her to create something truly special for the Peloton community.

To connect with Nancy, look for her on the Peloton leaderboard under the tag #NANNYHAMMY or visit her Instagram page @PeloTalkShow.

Community Superstar Peloton Leaderboard Award Winners In Los Angeles

Introducing the next honoree, Celestine Rojas, the proud recipient of the Community Superstar accolade. Celestine is a key figure in the #MilaMafia community, dedicated to the guidance of instructor Camila Ramón. She’s not only one of the founders but also an active administrator. Her creative flair shines brightly as she crafts delightful graphics for the community, including class reminders, selfie collages, Reels, challenges, and GIFs. But her commitment doesn’t stop there. Celestine works tirelessly to promote Peloton’s Spanish language content. She’s well-known for her remarkable Reels, where she translates Spanish content into English, making it accessible to non-Spanish speakers. Her dedication to ensuring #MilaMafia offers unwavering support is truly commendable.

For those eager to connect with Celestine, you can catch her on the leaderboard at #Celestine_, or follow her on Instagram at @Celestineoninsta.

And now, allow me to introduce Catherine Sullivan, another deserving recipient of the Community Superstar award. Catherine is an active member in several Peloton groups, with a special dedication to #BensArmy. Besides being a devoted mother of three and a practicing psychiatrist, she consistently shines on the leaderboard. Her natural leadership qualities are evident through her high-fives, participation in rides to motivate others, and leading group rides. Catherine is not just active on the bike; she’s also a supportive presence on social media, always offering the perfect words for any situation. Her nominators describe her as an inspiration, a source of motivation, an empowerment, and a friend to all.

To connect with Catherine, you can find her on the leaderboard at #PsychMomMD or follow her on Instagram at @psychmommd.

Wild Card Peloton Leaderboard Award Winners In Los Angeles

Introducing our next honoree, Bridget Gramling, who has earned the Wild Card award for her outstanding achievements. Bridget eagerly embraces a variety of fitness classes and techniques, constantly seeking new experiences. Her interests span outdoor runs, HIIT cardio, cycling, strength training, yoga, Tread Bootcamp, Barre, and meditation. Bridget is deeply appreciative of the Leaderboard Award and wishes for others to relish the same celebration.

For more about Bridget, you can spot her on the leaderboard as #BikerBridge98, or follow her on Instagram at @bridgetgramling.

We also want to acknowledge one last triumphant individual who couldn’t join us in person for the awards – Ricky Levy. Ricky was nominated by his partner, whom he connected with through Peloton during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the Peloton Singles Group Over 40.

To keep up with Ricky, you can find him on the leaderboard under #hookem96, or follow him on Instagram at @hookem96_peloton.

We’re overflowing with gratitude for the Los Angeles honorees who graciously shared their inspiring tales with us. Each award recipient received a collection of cherished gifts from Peloton, including a Peloton Logo and Leaderboard Awards Blanket, a framed photo signed by all Peloton instructors, a plaque proclaiming them as the “Peloton On Tour 2023 Leaderboard Award Winner,” and a package of Peloton Apparel items delivered to their door.

Please note that in Los Angeles, the Leaderboard Awards were an exclusive, by-invitation-only event. However, in Atlanta, this event has been opened to anyone interested who managed to secure tickets.

A heartfelt congratulations to the Los Angeles Leaderboard Award victors!

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