Peloton Guide New Software Update is Here to Fix Rep Counting & Tracking Issue

In recent weeks, several Peloton Guide owners noticed a problem with the rep counting and tracking feature. It was often overcounting their reps, leading to inaccurate results. For instance, if they did 10 repetitions of an exercise, the Peloton Guide would sometimes register it as 75 repetitions.

To address this issue, Peloton introduced a software update at the end of July 2023, aimed at resolving the tracking problem. They provided additional information about this update in the “Peloton Guide Group,” an unofficial Facebook group for Guide users, which is shared here with their permission.

“We’ve taken all your feedback to heart and have recently rolled out an update that we believe tackles the counting problem. We trust you enjoyed your time doing split squats with Rebecca and push pressing with Ben. The issue should be resolved after updating to Tracking Version 6.12.113 on your Guide. To check your version, head to Settings > System > About, and for updates, visit Settings > System > Check for Updates.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we truly value your feedback and are actively committed to enhancing the Guide experience. Thank you very much for all your support!”

Regrettably, some members continue to face issues with rep counting and tracking even after the recent update. In fact, in certain cases, it appears that the update has made things worse. It’s important to note that satisfied users, who no longer experience problems, are less inclined to share their positive experiences, making it challenging to gauge the extent of the update’s success in fixing rep tracking issues on the Peloton Guide.

On our device, we observed that a pending update for the Peloton Guide became available, and once installed, it upgraded the Tracking Version to the latest 6.12.113 version. However, you can also manually check for updates in the settings if you don’t receive automatic prompts.

For those who may not be familiar with it, the Peloton Guide consists of various components, each having its own unique version numbers. This is why at times, you may need to install consecutive updates for the Guide. These distinct Peloton Guide software components are associated with uniquely tracked public version numbers:

  • OS Version
  • UI Version
  • Voice Control Version
  • Tracking Version

Peloton introduced rep tracking to the Peloton Guide back in September, and they’ve been steadily enhancing it every month since then. If you happen to own a Peloton Guide, we’d love to know how well the rep counting and tracking feature is working for you.

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