Peloton’s Ben Alldis Releasing his “Raise The Bar” Book In Fall 2023

The Peloton instructor author lineup keeps expanding, with the latest addition being Ben Alldis, who’s all set to release a book in 2023.

Ben recently hinted at a new project, mentioning that he’s working on something beyond his usual cycling and studio endeavors. While he hasn’t made an official announcement yet, his upcoming book is on its way and is scheduled to hit the shelves in the autumn.

This book is titled “Raise The Bar: How to Push Beyond Your Limits and Build a Stronger Future You.” You can already pre-order it on Amazon. Here’s the official description:

In “Raise The Bar,” Ben Alldis, one of Peloton’s initial UK-based instructors, delves into the world of mindset, motivation, and fitness. He reveals the transformative power of unlocking your potential, taking charge of your life, and nurturing your unique talents.

Ben’s journey began as a young and accomplished athlete, always seeking opportunities to run, ride, kick a ball, or compete. After completing his university education, he ventured into the corporate world, working for a prestigious private equity firm in London. However, a pivotal year marked by his battle with skin cancer and the loss of a family member to illness prompted a life-changing decision. He chose to pursue his dream of aiding others in their health and fitness journeys.

“Raise The Bar” isn’t just a motivational book; it’s a narrative that offers practical insights. It centers on essential lessons and advice about determination, facing setbacks, defying expectations, the significance of support systems, and challenging conventional behaviors. Ben shares these lessons through his personal stories and insights. He knows what it takes to set and achieve personal goals and encourages others daily to do the same.

By applying the principles of maintaining a healthy mind and body, Ben aims to guide you in living beyond your current limits and establishing a positive foundation for your future self.

Peloton’s Ben Alldis Releasing his “Raise The Bar” Book In Fall 2023

As per Amazon, Ben Alldis’ book is set to make its digital debut on August 31, 2023, followed by a hardback release on October 17, 2023.

Ben is now part of a growing group of Peloton authors, which includes Emma Lovewell, Alex Toussaint, and Cody Rigsby, all of whom have books slated for release this year. Additionally, Robin Arzón recently unveiled her second children’s book, while Tunde published “SPEAK” last year. The Peloton family of authors continues to expand.

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