Intermediate 3 Day Split Peloton Strength Program with Callie Gullickson

Peloton has just rolled out its inaugural batch of split training strength programs for the Peloton Guide. Among these new strength training routines is one crafted by Callie Gullickson, and she’s set to guide three weekly classes. Each session falls in the 30 to 45-minute time frame, tailored for folks with intermediate-level fitness.

These split strength programs are all one-week long, and each is skillfully helmed by a dedicated instructor. They come in various lengths, spanning from 3 to 5 workouts. What’s neat is that you can cycle through these programs repeatedly to chart your progress and watch yourself get stronger. Plus, there are nifty badges up for grabs when you participate in the program’s classes. So, you can collect those too!

Program Overview

Program Description

Get the lowdown on Callie Gullickson’s Intermediate 3 Day Split Strength Program, straight from the Peloton crew: “Unlock your workout potential with Callie’s split training. Over one week, you’ll amp up your strength and bulk up those muscles. How? Well, you’ll be lifting heavier weights and zooming in on different body parts in each session. And don’t forget, you can keep coming back to chart your progress as you repeat these workouts.”

Program Badges

A Peloton program just wouldn’t feel complete without those shiny badges! You get a Bronze badge when you finish one class, a Silver badge when you finish two, and a glimmering Gold badge when you conquer all three classes in the bunch.

Class List & Schedule

Here’s the scoop on the weekly classes in this program. Remember two important things: First, these fresh programs are made just for the Peloton Guide for approximately seven weeks. Second, the classes are locked, and you can only access them as you progress through the program. But here’s a neat trick, whether you have the Guide or have kicked off the program. You can click on any class in the list below to locate it. From there, you can bookmark it or add it to your lineup and take it whenever you like. Just keep in mind, you won’t score that cool badge by doing it this way.

1st Week Class List & Schedule

Welcome to Callie’s Intermediate 3 Day Split! Get ready to boost your body activity with this all-encompassing workout that’ll have you geared up and eager to tackle the next challenge.

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