Tunde Oyeneyin’s Book “Speak”: Our Review

If you’ve picked up Tunde Oyeneyin’s latest book, “SPEAK: How to Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get from where You are to where You Want to be,” expecting a deep dive into Peloton, you might be in for a little letdown. However, that feeling won’t last because Tunde’s debut memoir takes you on a personal journey through the ups and downs of her life, leaving you both satisfied and curious for more.

Sometimes, we tend to forget that Peloton instructors are real individuals with their own histories, challenges, victories, dreams, and aspirations, which go far beyond the brief glimpses we get during our workouts. Following them on social media can create a sense of connection, but it only reveals a fraction of who they truly are.

This is what makes Tunde’s book, “SPEAK,” truly unique. It’s a mix of vulnerability, authenticity, power, deep thoughts, inspiration, heartbreak, excitement, and joy, all wrapped up in one. Tunde’s writing style makes you feel as if you’re getting to know her, like you’re having a friendly chat.

Throughout her book, Tunde Oyeneyin shares her life story, starting from her childhood and leading up to the present day, all while focusing on five key pillars that inspired the book’s title.

  1. Surrender
  2. Power
  3. Empathy
  4. Authenticity
  5. Knowledge

Tunde’s storytelling doesn’t follow a strict timeline. Instead, each chapter dives into a different facet of the SPEAK acronym, using personal anecdotes to illustrate each idea. Readers get a glimpse into Tunde’s family, her weight loss journey, her successful career as a makeup artist, past relationships, and the path that led her to become an indoor cycling instructor, including her audition process with Peloton.


One of the most compelling chapters sheds light on the beginning of the “Speak Up, Breathe In” series, which Tunde co-hosts with Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Tunde shares her preparations for the very first Speak Up Ride, held on June 3, 2020, and her experiences afterward. This chapter exemplifies the strength of the Peloton community and rekindles the motivation to, as Tunde often encourages at the end of her classes, go out and make positive change happen.

In her book, Tunde frequently brings up the quote, “The beauty of uncertainty is infinite possibility.” She reflects on how her life has been filled with uncertainty, yet these moments of doubt ultimately guided her to her current place: a prominent figure on one of the world’s largest fitness platforms, making a positive impact and indulging in her true passion.

Tunde’s story serves as an inspiring example for readers to seek out their own purpose, whatever it may be, and wholeheartedly pursue it with authenticity, passion, and no apologies.

Early in her memoir, Tunde playfully mentions a “second book.” This reader sincerely hopes she wasn’t joking.

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