How to Know Which Classes Are Free With The Peloton App Free Tier

Since Peloton unveiled their new digital app tiers last month, the Peloton community has been buzzing with curiosity. A pressing query on everyone’s mind is about the Peloton App Free, particularly which classes it offers to its members for free.

The Peloton App Free stands as the most basic option in the Peloton App lineup. Sign-up doesn’t require any credit card information, and there’s no rush to grab it as there’s no expiration date or limited-time offer.

Within this free version, you’ll find an array of about 50 classes to choose from. Plus, there are a handful of “featured” classes that pop up now and then, giving you some variety. It’s important to note, though, that this free version doesn’t include Bootcamps for Bike, Tread, or Row. Rowing classes are also excluded unless there’s a special featured class available for a brief period.

How to Know Which Classes Are Free With The Peloton App Free Tier

As App-only members contemplate their choices once their legacy period ends in December 2023, there have been inquiries about finding the current list of free classes. Those who are curious can head to this link: to check out the available free classes.

At the time of this publication, there are slightly over 70 classes up for grabs. These classes are led by a diverse group of instructors, covering a wide range of workout styles. However, please note that bootcamps and rowing classes are not part of the free offerings. The class durations come in 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30-minute options, with no classes exceeding 30 minutes. You can access these classes in English, German, or Spanish.

How to Know Which Classes Are Free With The Peloton App Free Tier

For reference, here’s a brief description of Peloton App Free:

Peloton App Free is tailor-made to complement your existing workout regimen or serve as a delightful introduction to the world of Peloton for newcomers. With over 50 classes carefully selected from Peloton’s 12 modalities, you’ll have the freedom to align your workouts with your evolving preferences and goals. Plus, there’s a regular infusion of fresh, featured classes to keep things exciting. And here’s the best part: it’s absolutely free—no cost, no charges, zero, nada.

Just a friendly reminder, the new App tiers don’t affect All-Access members who happily pay $44 per month to enjoy Peloton content right from their hardware device.

For a more detailed look at the ins and outs of these new app tiers, check out our comprehensive overview article.

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