Unofficial James Brown Class: Denis Morton’s Sample That Ride

People who admire the iconic musician James Brown will find it exciting to learn that Denis Morton’s latest Sample That Ride on June 24, 2023, is the closest Peloton has come to having a James Brown-themed class or artist series so far.

This special ride happened on Saturday, June 24, at 3:30 pm Eastern Time. During the ride, you could groove to James Brown’s tunes, tracks that sampled his music, or songs that were inspired by his legendary style. Here’s a peek at the class description:

Join Denis for a special Sample That ride, where you’ll groove to the timeless tunes of the legendary James Brown, the Godfather of Soul. What a perfect way to honor Black Music Month!

Unofficial James Brown Class Denis Morton’s Sample That

Just a few hours before going live on Saturday, Denis shared his excitement on his Instagram stories: “Come ride with me this Saturday as we celebrate the incredible music legacy of none other than James Brown, the one and only Godfather of Soul.”

Denis Morton is known for his distinctive Sample That rides, a series that truly represents his style. These rides feature a blend of timeless classics and songs that draw inspiration from those classics.

Unofficial James Brown Class Denis Morton’s Sample That

It’s important to mention that this ride wasn’t officially labeled as a Peloton artist series. It wasn’t announced through one of Peloton’s central social media accounts, and it didn’t receive the artist series badge. Nevertheless, it stands as the nearest Peloton has come to an official James Brown artist series up to this point.

If you’re curious about how Peloton’s artist series come into existence, DJ and Music Programming Producer, DJ John Michael, has shared some valuable insights about what makes featured artist series happen – or not happen.

Unofficial James Brown Class Denis Morton’s Sample That

Denis has rebranded his cycling series, formerly known as “Fresh Friday,” and it’s now called “Sample That.”

Would you like to see an official Peloton artist series dedicated to James Brown in the future?

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